News WWE Interested In Signing ACH

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 2, 2015.

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    I'd be down for ACH, Roddy, Joe and Biff (Biff had a tryout, dunno what happened, tho) getting signed, to be honest.
  2. ACH has had some awesome matches during his time with ROH, I would be a-okay with him in the WWE.
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  3. Agreed. This has also got me wondering when his contract expires... Is it really soon or in like 2 years.

    But, I think we will prolly get to see Joe in WWE before ACH, considering the word on the street is Joe's coming.
  4. Well, ACH in WWE/NXT could be OK, I guess.
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  5. I never understood the h8 against him & Cedric. Prolly a whole bunch of racists.

    I like him, he's had some great matches over the years. As long as he stays away from any sort of Mighty Mouse/Rapper/1970s throwback dancer gimmicks he can do aight.
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  6. I think ACH is phenomenal but I don't see him excelling in the WWE tbh. They'll probably give him a stereotypical gimmick or some shit. I think Cedric has a better chance than ACH. Are they still looking at Uhaa Nation or what?

    Still counting the days till he appears on our TV. Would be awesome if he debuted at the next live NXT Takeover.
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  8. I did watch it, actually. :emoji_slight_smile:

    It was a stellar match, I enjoyed every bit of it.
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