News WWE Interested In Signing #BigMike

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 5, 2015.

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    Not too thrilled, tbh. I'd much rather see some other guys make it to NXT.
    Plus, to say "NXT needs more guys who can get the brand over" is silly. NXT is over AF.
  2. No thanks.
  3. #BigMike ? What the fuck?
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  4. It became a 'thing' during G1.
  5. No one has or will ever call him Big Mike. Michael Elgin should go play baseball. He's best suited in a sport no one watches.
  6. Well, Kevin Kelly called him Big Mike on last week's ROH episode. Will it actually stick for a long time? Don't know and don't care. I just find it hilarious.
  7. Pumpkin headed bitch isn't a big enough EVOLVE star
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  8. I heard he already signed a new non-exclusive deal. Plus, I don't think he'd have much of a future in WWE. I think he's better off in the indies, especially now that New Japan likes him.
  9. Fucking Elgin.
  10. I liked him during his mullet era.
  11. The mullet was the only thing unique/good/redeeming quality about this bore.
  12. were you even watching ROH at the time ? when you first joined you only was in to wwe and wcw? I am not fan of him. he is ott in the ring.
  13. I've been watching ROH since mid-late 2013.

    Not regularly, though.
  14. He had some good matches before 2013. after 2012 he went overblown big time and doing weird spots,he always has had no charisma etc.
  15. “I have seen reports that I have signed a new deal with ROH. I have not signed anything, but have agreed with Delirious that I wish to continue working there as long as they will allow me not being under a deal.” - Michael Elgin on his ROH deal.
  16. Elgin has always been a frustrating talent and always will be IMO, he's capable of putting on stupidly entertaining matches when the stage is set (remember the hype he had after that Davey Richards match in 2012 or was it 2013?) He's the guy who should be a workhorse but has the feeling of top star who only needs to go when he wants to despite not being a top guy. It's weird.
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  17. Richards match was 2012, I agree he tries to hard to be liked and tries to make every match epic like the legends of the company(Joe,danielson etc) After that Richards match fans actually wanted him to have the strap and could see him being a big star, did not work out like that despite the title win. Gave it to him too late maybe,people were over him.
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