News WWE interested in signing Victoria, Morgan, and Gallows

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 22, 2013.

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  2. Victoria would be a nice addition to the division. Morgan would work well as a monster and Gallows, uh... they could find a place for him I suppose, even though I wouldn't particularly be pumped for his return.
  3. Morgan we already knew about but Victoria would be a welcome addition to the divas, either as a competitor or agent. Morgan or Gallows could both work in mosnter roles. Gallows could work as muscle for Maddox. If Maddox is going to be a sneaky heel GM he needs some muscle backing him up.
  4. Victoria would definitely help give the diva's division some life if she returned. As for Morgan and Gallows, I could honestly care less. However it would be cool if Punk and Gallows reunited and formed the SES again but that's unlikely.
  5. Gallows should have never been let go in the first place
  6. I honestly think Morgan can be great if he's given a decent gimmick/push.
  7. Don't care about Vicky coming back tbh, but I'd like to see Gallows joining Punk again tbh.
  8. So you DO care somewhat then, right?

    Victoria would make a nice addition to the Diva's division and her age shouldn't be an issue, as she is still hot as fuck and if someone prefers spring chicken because of age alone, then they already have a whole locker room of young Divas to choose from. They can book her as the stand out veteran Diva among the locker room, and that gives AJ a good opponent for a couple of months to tangle with and go over.

    Morgan and Gallows can do whatever.
  9. All I said was it would be interesting if they ever have a Punk and Gallows reunion. I know it won't happen so I could care less of what WWE will do with Gallows.
  10. lol WWF (WOrld WRestling Fail) 2nd rape comparny sign TNA castoffs!
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