News WWE interested in top Japan talent because of William Regal

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2013.

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  2. Great talent not sure how far he would go in the company.
  3. Devitt in the WWE would be fapworthy. And is Meltzer doubting if Devitt is under contract with NJPW? Dude is living full time in Japan and is the next big villain the company. He's not on a pay by pay deal I think.

    Still. Good scouting. Devitt is great.
  4. for those who aren't familiar with Devitt, here's a tribute vid as a teaser:

    Insane fricking Irishman. Full matches are up on youtube.
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  5. Isn't it common knowledge gajins are very rarely under contract? If so I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't. Unsure of how he'd go over in the big e sadly
  6. Would love to see him in WWE, Would miss him at his Scottish Indy shows though :emoji_slight_frown:

  7. Wow he is pretty damn good. That bicycle kick at 2:42 impressed me big time. I don't know how the WWE is on copying move sets, but I saw Darren's Gut Buster plenty (that worked into the double team move looks good), D-Bry's top rope dropkick, Cesaro's gut stomp, and Fandango's fancy kicks from outside the ring. Of course, maybe they just got those from watching this guy?
  8. Yeah Gaijins are rarely under contract now that you mention it. But with the current push Devitt is getting I'd assume they have him locked up for a while since he is basically top villain.
  9. Have seen some stuff from him in the ring, seems like a good talent.
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