WWE Interested in Two TNA Stars

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  1. http://www.womenofwrestling.org/?p=18629

    Rob Van Dam apparently interested in a WWE return too?
  2. I can see why they want velvet she's hot as hell and a really great pr girl by all accounts not sure on angelina she doesn't really fit the diva look imo. I think rvds contract is up in march so hopefully he does go he's been really lazy over his entire tna run.
  3. Not seen much of him in TNA, wasn't he in the main event for like most of it lol?

    If he comes back what's he going to do? Perhaps cut a promo saying he's back bla bla bla, heel interrupts and goes over him at Mania.
  4. Would be great seeing RVD back. He must feud with Air Boom and go heel.
  5. I doubt he could be heel he'd be too over as a babyface although heel RVD in ECW was amazing.
  6. He wouldn't really be able to go heel, not straight away.

    Face RVD vs Heel Drew McIntyre, Drew destroys him and pushes up. RVD comes back, turns heel, puts over up and coming face.
  7. Would mark for a RVD return definitely. Don't care for the divas.
  9. Anti straight edge RVD vs Straight edge CM Punk. This would be a good match up maybe if they let it develop correctly.
  10. Could be, I'd see it personally as a step down for Punk though. I'd serve RVD to a Ziggler, Rhodes or perhaps Bryan.
  11. " Rob Van Dam - WWE is interested in bringing him back.

    * Matt Morgan - WWE was interested in Morgan last year but he chose to stick with TNA.

    * Bully Ray - WWE has shown some interest in the former Tag Team Champion. No word yet if they're interested in bringing Ray back with Devon as Team 3D.

    * The Pope - Officials were interested early last year when he was being pushed but not so much anymore.

    * Samoa Joe - There is no interest from WWE.

    * Ink Inc. - There may be some interest in bringing back Shannon Moore down the road but Jesse Neal is viewed as a developmental prospect at best.

    * James Storm and Robert Roode - WWE had interest last year in bringing Beer Money in as a tag team but word is that they're not interested in bringing the former TNA Tag Team Champions in as singles wrestlers.

    Source: http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Report_on_WWE_s_Interest_in_Top_TNA_Stars_-_Beer_Money_Rob_Van_Dam_and_Others.html
  12. Only one I care about is Joe and RVD.
  13. Actually, I kind of want Bobby Roode in that Mix.
  14. Hope the pope goes back under the pope gimmick not the Elijah Burke one he used in the wwe I really like his mic skills and charisma.
  15. Could you share a YT video of him? Not seen much of him myself.
  16. Even if he is brought back, he'll have to work his way up from Mid-Card.
    Also he'll have to have vignettes building him up.

    Who? The Pope or Bobby Roode?
  17. like to see RVD
  18. WWE not interested in kurt angle? wtf
  19. RVD is fucking useless at this point in his career. Maybe WWE would respark his interest in giving a damn, but unless he recommits himself to giving some semblance of effort in the ring I'd rather he just gtfo.

    They can have Morgan, TNA is wasting him anyhow.
  20. I would love an RVD return, not seen him in TNA but loved him when he was in WWE.