News WWE is interested in Ring of Honor star

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. Surprise surprise! (not really). WWE being interested in Cole is about as obvious as the sun setting and the moon coming up at night. Lad has Star written in his DNA.

    His contract with ROH is up in January from what I can gather.
  2. I was just thinking WWE needed more ROH-style vanilla midgets. This will start a new boom period for sure.
  3. Cole is one young, talented nigga. He'll have a bright future in the WWE for sure.
  4. He's sexy, talented and young.

  5. Was expecting Matt Hardy.
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  6. Have you seen Adam Cole perform? He's never gonna be the Hulk Hogan but bet your ass he can be the Roddy Piper. Inb4SomeoneSaysAmbroseWouldBeTheFace
  7. Adam Cole vs Dean Ambrose would be sick, in fact just about anyone on the WWE roster against Adam Cole would be rad.
  8. he's going to be drunk on tv?
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  9. Wearing a brewers Jersey and the hall of fame ring Jack.
  10. I cant even pretend i wouldnt mark for years off that.
  11. He wasn't a main eventer yet when I watched ROH, just a tag team fuck.
  12. He's arguably the guy in ROH now that Steen is in the land of NXT. Him and Jay Briscoe,

    Coulda been worse, they could have been courting Michael Elgin
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  13. Fucking Elgin, biggest waste of potential on the roster. Oh wow what a great match wait wtf is the point of this dumbfuck.
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  14. Pumpkin headed bitch.

    He kinda screwed his title run up all by himself. Got himself deported.
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  15. He has a decent thing going on and always fucks it up. Even his attire starts decent but looks idiotic when it reaches his legs.
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  16. Didn't he say he wanted to try out for MLB? Lol.

    Decent wrestler, but nonetheless never had much love for the guy.
  17. Read about this yesterday. Been meaning to post it, but I forgot. lol

    Anyways, this is cool news. Would love it if Cole came to the WWE. Would be cool if ACH and Jay Briscoe came to the fold, as well.
  18. I don't see either Briscoe fitting into the E, they're too much like Shadow for their own good for the PC company.
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  19. lol

    It'd be cool, though. Them Briscoe boys are badass.
  20. They have nice shoes and cigars.
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