WWE is using Ricardo Rodriguez all wrong

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. He doesn't need to be ADR's partner in crime, he needs to be a lot more like his lacky. He should essentially be a good guy who does some heelish things, but only because ADR forces him to. This can be the constant struggle between ADR and RR, which leads to physical and emotional abuse from ADR towards RR. This can create the consistent heat for Del Rio that he has generally lacked. Instead they just have RR do heel things but the crowd still doesn't hate him for it, so when you have segments like on SD last week they just fall flat. Good Guy Dolph beating the bejesus out of RR didn't get him more over as a face, as the crowd didn't really like seeing it. RR isn't that type of heel. He isn't Bobby Heenan. Nobody wants to see RR get his comeuppance. The crowd wants to like him, so let them! And use that to generate heat for ADR. It's simple.
  2. I think this idea is great and all. But honestly I would love to see a storyline where he plays as Chimera and screws Del Rio over in matches or attacks him backstage and later down the road ADR finds out it's RR. The background for it would be perfect so why not?
  3. Yeah, using him the way Tensai used his manager back in 12 would be a good idea. Would help him get heat and RR would play the character he should.
  4. It would be a helluva lot more interesting than trying to force RR to get boo'd. It won't happen, no matter how much JBL forces his hate on commentary. As I mentioned in the OP how awkward is it watching DZ beat the shit out of him? Nobody wants to see it and it is not getting him more over.

    It would be much more interesting if ADR were constantly shitting on RR and having to convince him to be a heel. Show ADR talking with RR in the locker room before a match, telling him he has to help him no matter what it takes if he needs him. RR, clearly looking like he doesn't want to cheat, finally agrees to go along with ADR's plan.

    During the match ADR is losing and signals to RR to do something to help him win (say hit his opponent with the bucket). RR hesitates and ADR winds up losing as a result, and then ADR abuses RR after the match. Heat central.
  5. For sure, RR is just loveable overall, I remember him being an all out heel during ADR's heel run but guess what, when ADR saved RR from 3MB (the beginning of his face turn iirc) he was heavily cheered given that he had been getting crickets for months before, just proves RR belongs as a face.

  6. Indeed. And the more RR continues to crawl back to ADR like a battered wife, the more heat ADR gets for it. Someone fax this idea to WWE, because it is too simple and obvious for them to ever think of it.
  7. Yeah, it does sound something they'd actually do. Since RR is suspended, maybe when he comes back they'll do it. Who knows.
  8. That is an awesome idea to have RR work against ADR.

    Have him then possibly get in the ring to face ADR and have a feud about him working under ADR etc.. Nice thinking guys..
  9. Didn't they do this with his first run? He used to beat up Rodriguez for no reason. Saying that, RR wasn't over back then, but he is now a bit.
  10. Your right they did to begin with but that was stopped pretty quickly however i think they would be able to pull it over abit more now..

    In his next bout RR goes to help but actually costs ADR in a non title match.. Causing it to start and yeah goes on from there... I think it could be good.
  11. Ive always said Ricardo is being wasted as an announcer this guy can work in the ring and take all the bumps WWE need to push him as a wrestler
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