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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Matt, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. :obama: Pretty nice and interesting thread, glad to see the history of this forum and how the discussion has involved into the one it is today. Odd though that there isn't one for the Royal Rumble :hmm:
  2. I'm just looking at the top posters, and until the odd episode of Raw, I only managed 137 posts, 13 posts, and so on. But I'm The King of the interwebs, and I shall be UNDEFEATED from this moment forward!
  3. I'm pretty sure we had a RR one lol, plus you missed the GOAT TLC one.
  4. Ooooohhhhh, how very nifty, organized and color-coded. :yay:

    Wouldn't this need to be stickied though, so that it wouldn't disappear amid the massive list of pages like the discussion threads do? Either way, Charmander is looking at some rep and post likes.
  5. i'm in all of them (from Royal Rumble). :boss1:
  6. Aren't you an active person then. :otunga:
  7. Royal Rumble was our break through discussion thread, not sure why that isn't here. TLC one is obv the best with just me and Seabs with a massive 3 pages long.

    We've had one for every RAW too, never missed one. Think I'm the only user to be in ALL :obama: <3

    Nice thread though.
  8. Found all the missing ones. the royal rumble one had a stupid title name so i had trouble finding it.
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  9. I just noticed, you've linked who posted. Top Notch!
  10. lol should've just clicked on Replies [​IMG] in the PPV section.
  11. i saw it before but ignored it because the title was 'Royal Rumble Download and Watch*NEW LINKS!*'

    -.- doesnt even say discussion
  12. it did but the OP changed the title and added Royal Rumble watch online/download links.

    - edit
    it only used to say "Official Royal Rumble Thread" didn't had discussion.
  13. would be nice :burns:
  14. I'll sticky it for Vince.

  15. i will treasure this moment while it lasts
  16. Thanks for updating Hoss.
  17. how dare you edit my post! i feel violated :shock:
  18. We needed to brother.
  19. why didn't we have a smackdown thread yesterday
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