WWE Live Event (House Show) General Discussion, Recap and Results Thread

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  1. I think that we here could use a thread for whenever somebody on here goes to a live event and they want to talk about it, post recap, results, anything else pertaining to the show. I usually don't do the whole house show thing, but in this case I'm making an exception. I am going to be attending the WWE Live Holiday Tour event on the 19th at The Forum and that's going to be a major show as WWE has not done a show at The Forum since 1994, but the impression is that it will not be airing on the WWE Network, contrary to popular belief, possibly due to not enough time to promote it and the release of Star Wars the day before, which that could possibly cause low viewership numbers as it's common sense that just about everybody is going to go see that movie.

    And the lineup is the obvious (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens)

    In addition to the obvious lineup, this will be the third house show appearance since his return to WWE three years ago of Brock Lesnar.

    I'm going to record the Brock Lesnar match and upload it to YouTube and for the rest of the show, I'm gonna just write that in detail in this thread here.

    Stay tuned.
  2. Nice. I wonder who will job to Lesnar this time.
    Would love to see it myself, but not on the Network as you say.
  3. I'll definitely record the match and post it.
  4. I think the live event at The Forum will probably end up airing on the Network. Brock freakin' Lesnar's on the card and they're gonna avoid streaming it on their precious, award-winning WWE Network? I think not.

    Either way... Enjoy the show, brother.
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  5. The Forum is an awesome venue too. Nobody expected Japan to be on the Network, and next thing we knew the NXT Championship changed hands.
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  6. I hope The Forum show gets to air on the Network, but even if it doesn't, Mr. War Machine is gonna record it for us, so we'll watch anyways.

    I think the Japan show was always going to air on WWEN because it had BROCK FREAKIN' LESNAR on the card [and plus they were hyping it big time], as well as the homecoming of Finn Bálor [it would've been Hideo Itami had he not suffered an injury), so the title changing hands was fairly predictable. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Should they air the show on the Network? Yes. But I think the problem here could be viewership. A major movie is being released the day before and I don't know how many people would watch a Network special over Star Wars anyway. It's almost like the Royal Rumble and the Super Bowl being on the same day.
  8. WWE wants to do their annual summer Japan tour a week earlier this year (late June). In addition to that, WWE plans to make a stop before coming back to the continental United States to do two shows at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii due to popular demand. (early July)
  9. WWE has added Brock Lesnar to yet another live event. This time on February 6th in San Jose, a day before the big game.
  10. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
    Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

    Chicago - Dec 27th
  11. Yes.
  12. It was revealed today that Alberto Del Rio will be facing Brock Lesnar at The Forum.
  13. Didn't you say (in the RAW LD) it's Rusev he will be facing?
  14. I did say that as the arena was advertising that matchup but I guess they have something else in mind for Rusev. The cards are always subject to change
  15. OIC.

    Well, I thought that match was pretty much set in stone. I think those two could have a very good match.

    Now, while Del Rio CAN deliver a great match, I feel like Bork vs ADR could be a bit meh, since ADR's clearly not happy when he's out there, so I don't know, he's facing Lesnar after all, so I guess we'll see.
  16. I'd like to see it done in a way that Del Rio definitely wouldn't win, but he wouldn't look like complete shit either. The match doesn't have to start off this way, as it could be all Lesnar right off the bat, three or four suplexes, Lesnar goes for an F5, Del Rio counters and hits an Enzugiri and from there, let Del Rio get some of those kneeling superkicks to the head he does in on Lesnar, then he can hit his new top rope finisher, 1, 2, kickout, Cross Armbreaker, which Brock then finds a way to the ropes, which I find it odd that he's not done the Cross Armbreaker very much since his return to WWE. Brock can then counter something of ADR and then he does his thing, a few more Suplexes, and then an F5.
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  17. I hope they give Lesnar and Del Rio time to go back and fourth, not just a damn squash match. I was so hyped to see Kofi vs Lesnar at the Japan show because it would of been neat to see their styles mix it up but then it was a 2 minute squash. Which I understand its Brock friggin Lesnar, but still.

    Also I read the US title is going to be on the line. So I'm sure the match is going to result in a DQ finish, with Rusev and Barret most likely involved.
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  19. If the match got some time, like 15 minutes, then that'd be awesome.

    But I doubt the US title would be on the line, though.

    Brock would be like "Meh, I don't want your piddly-ass title, I just wanna wreck you." :21-1:

    I mean... I, for one, wouldn't want to see Bork vs ADR in a US title match end in a DQ. Sure, The League of Nations would get their asses handed to 'em shortly after, but still.
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