WWE Live Event Results From Cairo (10/20) Ziggler Works As A Face, NXT Title Defence

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lacky, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. The Miz speaks arabic? :hmm:
  2. And this is why The Miz is still employed, to those who hate on this awesome specimen.
  3. He can't speak Arabic. Here in Brazil he cut a promo in Portuguese as well. :lol1:

    Seems like a good show, interesting to note Rollins there, Ziggler playing a face and getting a big pop as well.
  4. The report says he cut a promo in Arabic so I'm saying he can. :pity1:

    Oh did you mean to say "He can speak Arabic" :hmm:
  5. No. But if he can speak Arabic he can also speak Portuguese and French, at least. Also Spanish.
  6. Yeah he just learns the lines before going there.
  7. Ah okay, still Arabic? :shock: I F- it up.
  8. Miz better hope he doesn't have to work house shows in China.
  9. Ha-ha, apparently though Chinese is one of the easiest languages to learn?
  10. It's the hardest iirc. Although there's simplified Chinese as well.
  11. My dads next door neighbor learned Japanese Fluent in 2 months. :hmm: she must be pretty smart. :lol1:
  12. Japanese?Chinese
  13. I meant Chinese, not Japanese.
  14. If it was Traditional Chinese I'm impressed. :dawg:
  15. I have no idea, I'll find out next time I speak to my pa'
  16. OK, very nice. But now back on topic, Miz always does promos on the country's native language, it's pretty cool...

  17. And that's why he's valuable to WWE. :smug:
  18. For sure. I also like seeing that PTP got the second biggest heat.
  19. Indeed they've come along way, surprised they didn't become the tag champions. Suppose they've got time. :otunga:
  20. Yeah, I'm OK waiting for it, we've still got some more entertaining with Team Hell No to go I suppose, plus Cara & Rey will probably get a reign, I expect PTP to be the heel team who beats them when one inevitably screws the other or at least when they drop the titles so they can wrestle at WM. If they had won at Summerslam, they would've dropped the titles at NoC already to Kane & Bryan, so I think it was a good thing that they didn't win the titles.
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