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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jonathan, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. They want to get people over as strong characters, but I've just found out that on the most recent SmackDown (11th Jan), Del Rio was hit wth two KO punches, but due to time restraints in editing only one was shown.

    Recovering from two KO punches and going on to win the title gets Del Rio over more than Sheamus squashing Slater in 10 seconds after 3MB ran away. Did we really need to see that? Honestly. WWE is fucking stupid sometimes.

    Unbelieveable :facepalm:
  2. Well actually , Cole mentioned it
  3. Exactly, so it didn't make any sense to the viewing audience as they've only seen one.
  4. Ehh, I'm sure one would be good enough, two would have been overkill in my opinion. We're trying to put someone over, not make them Superman. As far as Sheamus goes, no we didn't need to see him go over on jobbers again. He should just not have matches, the guy is on like every show. He wrestles Raw & Smackdown every week, majorly overexposed in my opinion.
  5. Typical WWE...We should get used to their shit.
  6. Re: RE: WWE Logic...

    This is actually one reason I like to read spoilers and "dirt sheets" you will get fan reports and see what happens off camera
  7. Remember when Sheamus' Brogue Kick did nothing but make the opponent a little groggy?
    And now it's a one shot kill.
    Wwe has no logic.
  8. Re: RE: WWE Logic...

    Right? Even Hogan's "big boot" wasn't complete without the leg drop
  9. Ok, to be fair, that's just wrestling logic (I call it suspension of disbelief) in general. Just the way Shawn Michaels didn't always have the superkick as his finisher but as soon as he did, he was putting opponents down with it. Or the way a wrestler might use a move but it's just an ordinary move, but if someone else brands it their 'finishing' move, then suddenly they can put people down with it when no one else can.
  10. Like Jake the Snake with the DDT. He even jokes about it. I remember an interview he did where he said that he liked that people used the DDT in various forms but he is still the best since he is the only one to pin people using it.
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  11. You forgot the even flow DDT! :mad:
  12. Sheamus is being overexposed, yes. That's been a fact for a few months now.
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