WWE Looking At Five Top Superstars To Lead The Company

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. http://www.pwmania.com/backstage-news-on-wwe-looking-at-five-top-superstars-to-lead-the-company

    Yeah, fuck Botchtista. Replace Orton and Sheamus with Wyatt and Cesaro and that sounds good.
  2. I definitely don't agree with Cena and Sheamus. Orton, I'm undecided about tbh. As for who I'd choose to replace them- Cesaro and Ziggler.
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  3. Ziggler ain't ready for shit. Change his character back to what it was before. Give him Summer Rae from Fandango and he will succeed.
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  4. Ziggler doesn't need her.
  5. I actually agree with the list. Cena & Orton are WWE veterans and still have years left, paid their dues. Bryan is a Wrestling Veteran and his fanbase is huge. Reigns is coming up well, he was a massive guy in the making from Shield.

    The only thing I disagree is Sheamus, Damn WWE wanting Irish Fans
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  6. I say get rid of Sheamus for Cesaro. And lol, remember when you marks were predicting Ambrose to be in Reigns' spot by this time of the year? :lol1:
  7. Cena, Bryan and Reigns are all obvious. Disappointed to see they're apparently higher on Sheamus than they are on Wyatt, but meh. And Orton? We've just spent the last seven months and counting watching him have his most boring reign with the title yet, do we really have to see more of him in a top level spot? I wouldn't mind if he returned to his position from 2012 where he participated mostly in midcard feuds but I'm guessing after he gets his mandatory rematch for the title at Extreme Rules, he might enter into a program with Sheamus or something. Or maybe a heel turn is on the horizon for Sheamus and he'll do a big program with either Cena or Bryan over the championship.

    And kinda odd that Batista isn't on the list, but hey, who's complaining?
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  8. I think it's more to do with the fact he's mates with Hunter and he's got muscles. Ireland's a tiny country with a small population.
  9. True, there is that, but he is a staple performer for the European Trips
  10. Having just travelled America for 5months I was astonished that 95% of the people I met claimed to have "Irish blood in them" so that plus the fact he's friends with Hunter definitely helps Sheamus.

    My five going forward would be...........

    Would love to see Rollins, Cesaro and Ziggler all get a decent push at some point in the future.
  11. What the fuck is Sheamus even doing there? no one likes the guy
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  12. Cesaro missing REALLY? This dude will be huge I swear his antics recently have shown this he doesnt need on top mic skills with those eyebrows and cheeky grin.
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  13. Those guys are the five with the greatest marketing power at the moment.
    Orton still moves merch, face or heel. Cena is a given. Bryan gets idiots to chant garbage. Sheamus is a cartoon character who fits the Hogan mould. Reigns is a project, but has a look and a moveset that could be marketing into something profitable

    Sheamus may grind your gears, but he really does have 'the package.' He 'should' be face of the company, but people just ain't buyin his WHC run... then again, why should they. But yeah, its all about marketing and nothing more
  14. *holds up a sign in the back saying "sami zayn"*
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  15. Sounds about right to me. I would only debate taking Sheamus off for Cesaro. Wyatt to me is great, but I don't ever see him as a leader of the WWE.
  16. I don't see the fascination for Cesaro. Having a couple of moves that are over at this point aren't enough to support putting Cesaro in the top five of any company,
    I once heard @Seabs use the term 'flavor of the month,' and it applies perfectly in this case. He hasn't broken out yet and all of you are fawning over his 'potential.'
    I like Cesaro. He Is A Professional Wrestler in every sense of the word, but there is no logic to support him being a top 5 guy at this point

    He's everyone's favorite heel (blah,blah blah... so boring) and would be a great pick to take the IC (unified US) and run with it for a good period after taking it off Ambrose (whom I think needs the rub of unifying it once Reigns breaks away)
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  17. How do you make a 'new' list with old information on it? Maybe the list only had 4 names on it for the last year and they just officially added Reigns
  18. You would rather have Orton than Cena? Jesus.

    Cena, Bryan and Reigns :yay:

    Sheamus, meh, don't really care. If they put him against people he works well with then its cool.

    Orton :eww:
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