News WWE looking to scout TNA talent for NXT

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. Wrestlinginc.

    Former TNA Talent like Taeler Hendrix and Havok are at this weekends try outs. But who that is currently on the roster do you think Triple H are interested in?
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  2. Aries or fucking bust
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  3. ^ and Roode
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  4. In terms of females I'd have to say Havok, Yim (Jade) and Marti Belle.

    In the guys I'd say Aries and Roode
  5. Ethan and Spud back together again pls PLS
    Aries and Roode really should go, especially given WWE got Joe.
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  6. Roode, Angle, Spud and Aries, please!
  7. I wish they got Roode way earlier. What is he, like 38 now?
  8. he seems pretty heathy and the type of guy who can perform into his 50s
  9. Not to mention WWE probably has the fountain of youth somewhere below Stamford. I mean look at R-Truth.
  10. Taryn
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  11. A.J. Styles is 38 as well and the dude's performances are always top notch, just like Roode's.
    Age is just a number in this case.
    Bobby is definitely the guy I'd love to see in NXT, as well as Aries.
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  12. Thinking about it, if Magnus is floating around he'd be a good addition. As well as Gunner. If I recall he just signed a multi-year contract though.
    I doubt they'd bring Angle back to be an enhancement talent in NXT. If anything they'd just give him one last match against someone like Swagger before putting him aside like he ought to be. And he'd be lucky to even get that.
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  13. Yeah, I agree. Angle getting one last match (against DB, hopefully) is a lot more likely than him serving as an enhancement talent down in NXT.

    Speaking of which, I'd love to see Bully Ray there.
  14. Yeah, but you do understand they just want him for the NXT brand, right? Main Roster is a maybe.
  15. Yes, but I'd love to see him (and Aries) even if it's in NXT only, nevertheless.
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  16. Obvious answers: Aries. EC3. Rockstar Spud. Bobby Roode, Bully (not Bubba) Ray.

    I've always seen Magnus as a great fit in the 'E, but with H taking over and all the indy guys getting pushed now, not so sure anymore.
    Speaking of indy guys, why not bring back the Wolves... well... they don't fit the WWE Style well.
    It's a shame that James Storm isn't in the obvious list anymore, and it would be great to see them kick the tires on Gunner...
    Oh, and sign Kenny King right now. Please.

    It's easy to see just how much of the TNA roster are the guys who flamed out of the 'E for one reason or another... running down the list of guys who are impressive in that company right now... MVP? No. Bram? Lol. Galloway? Hell no. Low Ki? Pffft.

    Don't see how much of the KO's division has a real place. Can they give Awesome Kong another shot? Don't see why not or why she was released in the first place...otherwise I'm with Majour. Just bring in Jade and Marti - and yeah, Aids, I'd throw Taryn in if she wasn't so hated backstage.
  17. You really think if Angle were to come back for a couple of matches Swagger would be involved?
  18. Swagger would be a throwaway match. They'd probably put him against an Owens or Bryan. I'd be down for Lesnar again.
  19. I'm unsure on EC3. His behavior on twitter regarding a few WWE related things makes it seems like he has no problem burning bridges with the E. If he came back I'd be surprised.

    As for the Wolves: I could see Eddie getting a shot unless ROH takes him back. Davey not so much. I could honestly see Davey making good on his "suicide note" and retiring if TNA goes under/he isn't re-signed because ROH ain't taking him back that's for sure. They're practically Benoiting him (only mentioning him as "the guy who doesn't work here anymore").

    King, no idea honestly. Like with Davey ROH isn't an option after how he exited the company but maybe WWE would pick him up.

    Considering Kurt is a husk now I'm fairly certain he would die from Lesnar. RIP Kurt
  20. Obvious Bobby Roode answer from me. Really would like to see the dude in NXT or WWE.
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