WWE Looks At Top Reigns

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. - WWE's website has a new article up looking at 14-time World Champion John Cena and how he ranks in the top 5 reigns. Here's the list:

    5. Tied with 11 - Edge (4 WWE Title reigns, 7 World Title reigns) and Randy Orton (8 WWE Title reigns, 3 World Title reigns)
    4. Hulk Hogan - 12 (6 WWE Title reigns, 6 WCW Title reigns)
    3. Triple H - 13 (8 WWE Title reigns, 5 World Title reigns)
    2. John Cena - 14 (11 WWE Title reigns, 3 World Title reigns)
    1. Ric Flair - 16 (8 NWA Title reigns, 6 WCW Title reigns, 2 WWE Title reigns)

    Anyone mad that Cena is so close to beating Ric Flair? :troll:
  2. Hulk Hogan should get 6 TNA world title reigns too :troll:
  3. I don't really care, I value other superstars more than guys on that list. Seems trivial to me.
  4. Those are the guys that put the asses in the seats, that's why they get the title reigns. Edge should be proud to be in such esteemed company as Hogan and Flair. He certainly earned that spot.
  5. Triple H to win the WWE title 4 times by 2015,you heard it here first folks.
  6. These title reigns just symbolize that they lost the title the same amount of times. Except Cena and Orton because they are the current champions.
  7. Ric Flair actually has like 26 world championships, WWE just doesn't count many of them. WCW didn't either. Here's a list of the total number of times he's won a world championship (the ones in bold and underlined are the ones that aren't counted on his record, and no, I didn't type these out myself but rather lifted them from someplace else):

    Show Spoiler
    1. NWA World title, 17 Sep 1981: He beats Dusty Rhodes at a live event.
    2. NWA World title, 09 Feb 1982: "The Midnight Rider" beats him, but is forced to give the title back to Flair due to a rule stating masked wrestlers can't hold the title.
    3. NWA World title, 07 Sep 1982: Jack Veneno beats Flair at Dom. Rep. over fear that the crowd would riot had Veneno lost. Veneno unceremoniously just gives it back.
    4. NWA World title, 23 Jan 1982: Carlos Colón beats Flair for the title in Puerto Rico and Flair takes it back a few days later in Miami.
    5. NWA World title, 08 Feb 1983: Victor Jovica beats Flair for the title in Trinidad, but the title is given back to Flair due to Victor's feet being on the ropes.

    6. NWA World title, 04 Nov 1983: Harley Race beats Flair for the title in June at a live event, but Flair takes it back in a Steel Cage match.
    7. NWA World title, 23 Mar 1983: Harley Race beats Flair for the title at a live event and loses it back 2 days later.
    8. NWA World title, 24 May 1983: Kerry Von Erich beats Flair for the title and loses it back to him two weeks later in Japan.
    9. NWA World title, 28 Nov 1985: Dusty Rhodes beats Flair for the title in the original, but the decision is changed to a DQ. This is the original "Dusty Finish".
    10. NWA World title, 09 Aug 1986: Dusty Rhodes beats Flair for the title at TGAB, but loses it back to him two weeks later.
    11. NWA World title, 26 Nov 1987: Ron Garvin beats Flair for the title, but loses it back to him at Starrcade.
    12. NWA World title, 07 May 1989: Ricky Steamboat beats Flair for the title at the Chi-Town Rumble and loses it back to him at WrestleWar.
    13. NWA World title, 11 Jan 1991: Sting beats Flair for the title at TGAB and loses it back to him at a live event.
    14. WCW World title, Due to some problems between WCW and NWA, Flair was being presented as WCW World Champion in WCW shows.
    15. NWA World title, 19 May 1991: Tatsumi Fujinami beats Flair for the title at a big New Japan/WCW show, but then loses it back to him at SuperBrawl.

    16. WWF World title, 19 Jan 1992: Ric Flair is stripped of the NWA title due to signing with WWF. He wins the WWF title at the Royal Rumble.
    17. WWF World title, 01 Sep 1992: Randy Savage beats Ric for the title at WrestleMania, but loses it back to him at Prime Time Wrestling.
    18. NWA/WCW International World title, 18 Jul 1993: Ric Flair signs back with WCW and beats Barry Windham for the title at Beach Blast. WCW renames the title due to dropping from NWA.
    19. WCW World title, 27 Dec 1993: Ric Flair beats Vader for the title at Starr Cade '93.
    20. WCW World title, 21 Apr 1994: The title is held up after a double pin with Steamboat. Flair gains it back in a rematch. WWE doesn't recognize this decision at all.
    21. WCW International World title, 23 Jun 1994: Ric Flair beats WCW IN Champ Rick Rude in a unification match.

    22. WCW World title, 27 Dec 1995: Ric Flair beats Randy Savage for the World title at StarrCade.
    23. WCW World title, 11 Feb 1996: Randy Savage wins back the title on Nitro but loses it back at SuperBrawl.
    24. WCW World title, 14 Mar 1999: Ric Flair beats Hulk Hogan for the title in a First Blood Cage match at Uncensored.
    25. WCW World title, 15 May 2000: Ric Flair beats Jeff Jarrett for the title on Nitro.
    26. WCW World title, 29 May 2000: Kevin Nash just gives the title to Ric who immediately loses it to Jeff Jarrett.

    Kind of hard to see why a handful of those were never counted. Namely #4, #7, #15 and #20. But whatever.

    As for Cena surpassing Flair's official number of title reigns, no doubt it will happen and I won't mind at all when it does. Times change, and winning multiple championships nowadays isn't the same as it used to be. Plus, the number of days you've held a world title overall should mean a lot more than how many times you won it. Cena has already surpassed the number of titles that the holy trinity of wrestling (Hogan, Austin, Rock) won, as have guys like Orton, Edge and Triple H. If that doesn't bother me (which it doesn't), then this won't either.
  8. Hate him all you want, he put asses in the seats.
  9. And people should be a fan of someone just for this reason?
  10. Never said you had to be a fan.
  11. Yeah i'm mad and I see it coming, Cena is gonna top Flair and break the record as WWE is probably going to make happen, guys like Punk and Bryan deserve to break those records but WWE won't give them repetitive title reigns like Cena.
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