WWE lost storytelling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. First off... to everyone who's made this site better since my hiatus.. its gravy

    Triple H has done a fine job. He's given guys a LEGIT reason to debut. His fingers are on development. I've never seen the IWC hate a cat so much, yet become so beloved seemingly overnight. He deserves it

    My problem is the lack of storytelling from the bottom up. Say what you will about WCW but that sh*tplace could sell you a storyline whether it was the cruisers or the tag

    I'm cool with Cena selling merch, cause that guy couldn't tell a story if you gave him a book

    Edge couldn't tell a story, which basically reflected how much of a draw he truly was anyways

    You pay jabroni's to write so have them focus on the undercard and allow the kids to invest... trust me if you can get invested in iCarly you can get invested in WWE if you allow the talent to do so

    AJ is killing Ziggs at this point and I am butthurt about it. The ratings are trashy regardless so why not make these guys excited about coming to work every night?
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  2. I love iCarly
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