WWE Made a Mistake

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Victoria Justice, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. are you kidding me wwe Rock Rock Are you serious first Teddy looses then Cena Are you shitting me Rock is good for life he will always have fans let cena have some shine crap
  2. I think next raw is going to be very monumental so they might have a rematch at Summerslam and this is probably just the beginning.
  3. I doubt it they said thats it for rock and cena
  4. Teddy losing makes up for Rock/Cena and Bryan/Sheamus.

    BYE BYE :tagteammatch:
  5. Cena should have 1
  6. They maybe going slow burn with his turn after they kept showing him sat on the ramp.
  7. I was hoping for a win and a heel but man
  8. Cena joins forces with Brock and turns heel? I don't know but hopefully Taker is at Raw tomorrow. He looked pretty alright after the match enough to walk out.
  9. Honestly I didn't care who won as long there was something but it was just so dull.
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  10. argee with teddy not winning but as for cena I glad he lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and though i pick bryan to lose I did not want it to have been that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll agree that our feelings are mutual for the loss of Teddy, but in terms of Cena, I'm pretty glad he lost. Happy, even.

    And even though I was routing on a loss for Bryan, I really didn't want it to conclude that way.
  11. Cena didn't have to look strong. He looks strong all the time and fans always reject it.
    Cena needs to look like an actual underdog, instead of the "LOL" reaction we had when MGK called him one.
    Rock will be back for another match, otherwise this wouldn't have happened. Cena will go over then.
  12. This.
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  13. I can't believe the Rock won.... That match was terrible
  14. Man Rock just had to win ruined my night my sons crying because i was yelling Fuck
  15. Teddy is getting old and has been here for a long time. It's time for him to retire.

    The Rock won because he's gonna be there at WM 29. He already said that before in an interview. It'd be stupid for Rock to lose in his own hometown Miami and come back at WM 29.
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  16. ^That @[Big Hoss Rambler] is right this is all leading to something gigantic. But they said Rock/Cena = Once in a lifetime, so it can't ever happen again. Horrible ending, really was hoping for something exciting to happen afterwards and in general a good match but it was so freaking slow.
  17. LOFUCKINL If funny how u all said that now but before the event all were like of cena WILL NEVER LOSE! Cena "need" to win for the looker room fuck! Not u all are saying b/c rock won that he ownly b/c he coming to WM29 FUCK THAT! CENA DEAL WITH END OF STORY CASE CLOSED THAT U CAN'T REOPEN FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Rock vs. ANYONE NEXT YEAR IT THE FUCKIN UNDERTAKER OR PG CENA WHICH I HOPE NOT AFTER SEEN WHAT TAKER DID HHH THAT NO WAY CENA WILL BEAT THE UNDERTAKER AT WM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Randy, please use less capital letters. It discourages me from reading the post, and I enjoy your posts. :emoji_slight_frown:
  19. let me get this straight, you're upset because Teddy and Cena DIDNT win!? what is wrong with you
  20. The problem is the feud is dead now, Rock won he's the better man. Why should they have another match? It's going to be the same old shit now we could have had something fresh, Rock can win but you've got to do something big with Cena. The last 2 Mania's have ended with The Rock standing tall, every Raw he's been on has ended with The Rock standing tall hell ever SVS ended with The Rock standing tall. I love The Rock but he shouldn't have been so dominant throughout, Cena the face of the company looks terrible now because he lost to someone who has kayfabe wrestled once in the past 7 years this makes the entire company look bad as Cena has beaten the majority of them.
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