WWE Magazine’s Undertaker Streak Error!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. The May issue of WWE Magazine contains a feature looking at “31 Bold Predictions for Wrestlemania 31.” It’s interesting to note that #22, which you can view below, reads:

    “Twenty-two Superstars have fallen to Undertaker’s Streak, but one duo will try to stack the odds.”

  2. Probably because it was written or edited before the match.
  3. It was meant as a joke.. meaning since all these individuals could not break the streak maybe a duo (2on1) could. The writers of the magazine had no clue what the outcome of the Lesnar/Taker match was going to be obviously and it was written before the match took place. Fanboys reading too much into things again.
  4. It's a conspirecy because Super Cena was the one that was suppose to end the streak when he turned heel at WM.

    Note the sarcasm...

    I think that it was one of those things were there is a lot of stuff being added into the magazine and that little nugget just slipped past the editor. Since no one knew besides a select few knew what the match result. So the writers for this article assumed that the match was going to end like we were so used to having the Undertaker win. That they just ended up going with this assumption with their article. This predictability with the matches is the reason why they needed to end the streak. I think that they should have done it sooner in my opinion. I would have to think a bit more on who I think that should have ended the streak.
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  5. You're all wrong. One of his victories was in a handicap match. So it was 22 superstars that had failed before BARACK LESNARRRR!!!!!

  6. Technically, when you consider that he fought both Kane and Shawn Michaels twice and Triple H three times, it was only eighteen different superstars that he conquered.
  7. I've been lockarded!!!! :damn:
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  8. Bold PREDICTIONS for WM 31 - nuff said
  9. Yes it is 22 superstars, he faced Big Show and A Train at Wrestlemania 19. However, it's not actually 22 people. He faced HHH 3 times, HBK twice, Kane twice, and then the others come in.
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