WWE Magazine's October issue Preview

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  1. WWE Magazine's October issue Preview


    Out Now…'WWE Magazine’s' October Issue!

    The Anti-SuperstarRandy Orton has always been a lightning rod for controversy since he stepped foot in WWE, but that’s a product of his stubborn refusal to conform to anyone’s expectations except his own. Here, we give Orton the chance to set the record straight on some of the rumors swirling around The Viper and his return to the ring.

    The Most Dangerous Matches In WWE History!'WWE Magazine' editors employ detailed metrics to determine the most physically demanding, violent and treacherous bouts in WWE history. These are the contests that made legends and shortened careers.

    Faces Of EvilThey’re the men and women who go to any lengths to get what they want, and who have succeeded far more often than they’ve failed. From Kane to AJ Lee, we celebrate WWE’s best villains, featuring exclusive photography that shows them at their most devilish.

    Classic Superstar Or Hipster?Can you tell the difference between a wrestler from the ’70s and ’80s, and one of those so-called hipsters? Take our quiz and see. You’ll be surprised by the results!

    Plus, Hard-Hitting Interviews With:

    Daniel BryanDolph ZigglerDamien SandowSantino Marella…and Zack Ryder!

    Bonus:Sculpt a “pitch-perfect” body with a workout from Antonio Cesaro!

    Kaitlyn offers tips on making this year’s Halloween the best one ever!

    The greatest Andre the Giant stories ever told.

    And…Natalya shows us her softer side as Diva of the Month!

    Pick-up the October issue of 'WWE Magazine' today or SUBSCRIBE HERE and save 70% off newsstand sale price.

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