WWE Main Event taping results 15/5

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, May 15, 2013.

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  1. WWE taped this week’s WWE Main Event Tuesday night from the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Below are full results:
    Dark Match:
    * Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas defeated Epico and Primo.
    WWE Main Event:
    * Kane defeated Seth Rollins by DQ in 14:00. After a brief flurry of offense from Rollins, Kane controlled the match after hitting a big boot. He threw Rollins over the top rope onto Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and scored several near-falls. Rollins escaped a tombstone and a choke slam and gained momentum with a spinning kick to Kane’s head.
    The crowd got behind Kane, but he couldn’t maintain a comeback as Rollins tried for a submission. Kane rallied with a side slam to get a near fall. With Ambrose and Reigns surrounding him, Kane hesitated to deliver a top-rope move and Rollins hit a running dropkick. Kane regained control after catching Rollins off the top rope.
    Rollins once again escaped the chokeslam, then did it again. Kane finally got him on the fourth attempt, but the pinfall was broken up by Ambrose for a disqualification. The Shield attacked Kane after the match and were setting him up for a triple powerbomb before a run-in by the Usos. Kane and the Usos cleared the ring and celebrated while trash-talking the departed Shield.
    Rollins and Reigns vs. The Uso’s was set up for Smackdown as a result of Main Event’s earlier happenings.
    * Sin Cara beat Wade Barrett in 4:00. Barrett controlled the match early with power moves before Sin Cara hit a couple high spots. Wade Barrett was going for the power bomb, but Sin Cara rolled through and covered Barrett for the pin.
    * Cody Rhodes beat Justin Gabriel in 4:00. Rhodes rolled out of the way of a presumed 450 Splash attempt by Gabriel. Rhodes then hit the Alabama Slam for a nearfall and pinned Gabriel with CrossRhodes. Rhodes and Miz, opponents for the Extreme Rules pre-show on Sunday, had a staredown to close Main Event.
    YES! THANKS YOU WWE! Your finally getting Main Event back to that good show, After having shit with Mark Henry and squash matches we are back on track. I thought Main Event was gonna end up like superstars.

  2. Barrett jobbing to Sin Cara??? :damn:Seems like a interesting match between Kane and Seth Rollins,cant wait to see the Rollins/Reigns against the Uso's on SD.
    Too bad Gabriel didnt win but its a decent set up for the Pre-show.
  3. Looks like a pretty good Main Event.
  4. Just me that thinks this show looks like crap? Barrett loses cleanly as a champion in 4 minutes, Shield end up looking weak, and we get a random Rhodes/Gabriel match.
  5. All the matches will be good though.
  6. The Shield looking a bit weak I can stomach since it is part of the usual pre ppv build up. Where the guys going over look a bit weak as to build the illusion of the eventual loser going over. But Barrett losing in 4 minutes to Sin freaking Cara has me a bit miffed.
  7. Barrett losing to Sin Cara has me miffed too, bet Barrett has to defend his title on the night against Sin Cara since he's expecting not to be on the PPV card
  8. Barrett looking weak and Kane looking strong over young guys are two thing I've learned to ignore. But Rhodes being about to job to Miz on the pre-show still annoys me.
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