WWE Main Events' Sharp Drop Off

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Adam., Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. This may seem like a silly statement to people but Main Event had a really good period around the start on the WWE Network.

    It was a good quality show with some big names and big matches, a few examples:

    Main Event 71: Curtis Axel Vs Big E Langston
    Main Event 75: Daniel Bryan Vs Kane, The Usos Vs Los Matadores for the tag titles
    Main Event 77: Undertaker and Paul Heyman Promo
    Main Event 78: Del Rio Vs Sheamus Vs Ziggler
    Main Event 83: Sheamus Vs Bray Wyatt
    Main event 84: John Cena Promo
    Main event 85: Sheamus Vs Cesaro
    Main Event 87: Luke Harper and Erik Rowan Vs The Usos
    Main Event 88: RVD Vs Bad News Barrett
    Main Event 89: Seth Rollins Vs Dolph Zigger
    Main Event 90: Sheamus and The Usos Vs Wyatt Family
    Main Event 93: Sheamus Vs Del Rio Last Man Standing US Title
    Main Event 100: Seth Rollins Vs RVD

    This is where we see a sharp drop off, beyond this point the rest of 2014 was mostly lower mid carders and the odd Rollins Vs Swagger or Ambrose Vs Justin Gabriel.

    Going into early 2015 we had a rotation of guys like Adam Rose and Bo Dallas jobbing. Kevin Owens held a NXT Title Open Challenge which could've been a good match for someone like Neville or Cesaro but we got a Heath Slater squash.

    Still here are a few match ups that stuck out:

    Main Events 143 and 145: Cesaro Vs Luke Harper

    Main Event 154: Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler

    Main Event 160: Kevin Owens Vs Neville

    Main Event 163: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (It saddens me that this is the first Womens match on here, until this it was only Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella twice which I found enjoyable but most people dislike Brie in ring)

    And now we're into 2016! A New Era and a Rebuilt Main Event!
    Is what I would like to say, this year has been even harsher for Main Event as the most notable match was Cesaro and The Usos Vs The Dudley Boyz and Del Rio.

    I hope that you guys enjoy the stuff listed here and hope that WWE sees the error of forgetting Main Events existence as even though I only listed big matches for 2014 I had to leave some off the list and even after all that there were some really good things from 2014 so it truly saddens me that we've seen a solid mid to upper midcard show drop to Superstars level.
  2. I mean I highly, highly doubt anyone here actually watches Main Event. There is absolutely no reason to unless the 8+ hours of WWE wrestling every week isn't enough for you. Main Event exists as a warmup show for live crowds for Smackdown's and Raw's, I don't think anyone expects anyone to actually watch them on TV every week or even at all.
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  3. Stopped watching ME long ago. Don't regret it.

    Also, I agree with what DK said.
  4. How about WWE Superstars?

    First match was Matt Hardy against Undertaker. Then it turned into the lower card show.
  5. Thats the point. No one watches it anymore but it was quite popular here and on TWF when the Network first launched because it was a high quality show, we sometimes even had live discussions for it because back then they aired it live and it was one of the bigger shows on the network at the time.

    The reason no one watches it is because its not worth watching. It would be a perfect replacement for the CWC now its finished if they went back to the higher quality shows.
  6. The last thing I watched on ME was that mini Cesaro/Harper feud. Haven't watched it since.

    Would be lying if I said I wouldn't watch again if interesting things started happening.
  7. Its hardly like the roster is lacking and with a mini show like Main Event actual feuds aren't really needed as long as the match quality is there. Hell even throw some of the best of 7 series on Main Event for god sake, its hardly difficult to book a good show with the roster they have.
  8. I don't know, they can struggle to book a good raw or smackdown at times with the roster they have.
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  9. Completely different scenarios, Raw and Smackdown both need storylines and have a lot of commercial breaks meaning longer matches are broken up.

    With a show like Main Event thats only on the Network and doesn't need storylines it takes away those factors, its hardly difficult to send out guys like Cesaro and Karl Anderson when they can put on good matches and when the Cruiserweights come up they will have a pretty large roster so wouldn't it make sense to put some of them on Main Event and generate some hype for the lower card Cruiserweights?
  10. When you see what matches are on Main Event now and all it is RAW recap and two Smackdown Live matches which were Kanes normal squash against Breeze and the main event being Jason Jordan vs Aiden English. Yeah, it desperately needs some attention.
  11. None of the Saturday Nights wrestling shows has ever reached the size of Smackdown or RAW. None of the matches interest me enough to stay on for the duration of the show. Maybe keep it on the WWE Netowrk for "dark shows."
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