WWE Making Aj Mental

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Victoria Justice, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. is it me or is wwe making aj seem mental everyone knows he played her so why is wwe making her look so dumb
  2. They're not, they're making her look like she's ridiculously in love. It's very common for girls & women to get treated like that and still go back to their man. That story-line is more realistic than most. It's great.
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  3. This women can be very naive when it comes to love and only see what they want to see.This story line is the best thing going on right now in wwe imo.
  4. I'm beginning to mark for AJ a wee bit. She plays her role really well, and is at the moment, one of the best all round Diva performers in the WWE.

    Awesome story, as well, marked when she slapped Kaitlyn.
  5. Just to play it correct, people can be very naive when it comes to love. True most often then not it's the female gender that behave like this but I know plenty cases of us dudes behaving just the same.
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  6. She's acting really well, playing her part perfectly. I like the storyline, it surprisingly makes sense and entertains me. I'd just like to see more of AJ in the ring, as she's very good between the ropes, more than quite a few divas on the roster.
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  7. I don't need her bashful, doe-eyed, remorseful, tired act off my screen.

    Go away and take your Chuck Taylor's with you.....lol....you punk rocker Avril Lavigne wannabe do***bag
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  8. :terry:
  9. All girls r srsly mental
  10. The part she's playing right now as the mental ex girlfriend reminds me a bit of how Victoria was in the beginning.
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