WWE matches are fake even in pay per view?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Curtis.Asshole, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Obliviously, Alberto Del Rio uses his hands to fix the steel chair in the position for being attacked by RVD.
    When can I see real matches? It seems like all matches are performances.
  2. the winner of the match is always known before the match, they always know who is going to win. The wrestlers sometimes get together before the match to go over a few moves they are going to pull off, but thats about it really, they dont know when they are going to be pulling the moves off on each other, they just put the match together as they go along. They always know how the match is going to end too, and so does the referee. The refs have more to do with it than you think. The refs have an earpiece in and ometimes tell the wrestlers to end the match withing the next few minutes, maybe this would occur if they are running behind schedule on a pay per view. Also the referees after a big move has been pulled off always go down to the wrestlers you watch next time, and they are asking them if they are ok. If they are injured for real, the referee will cross his arms above his head, thus letting doctors and other staff know a real injury has occured (like Triple H when he tore his quads at New Years revolution) They are very highly skilled people, and perform some very dangerous moves, if they dont quite get it right, someone can very easilly be seriously injured.
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  3. :notsure: if trolling, child, or other
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  4. Babe :gusta:

  6. Lol'd. Even I wouldn't go that far :haha:
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  7. I can only imagine what the ref was hearing in that earpiece in the ME last night.

    "That count better be super fast!"
  8. Uhh, RVD is in the air. He grabbed the chair while he was in the air!
  9. I like how you threw IWT in there
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  10. *referee counts normally*
    Triple H: This isn't best for business, count faster god dammit
    Triple H: Now i've shown the creative team who's boss... NXT NXT NXT!
    Damn, that wasn't meant to be through the ear piece.
  11. Its so weird because you don't usually see refs do that. I'm sure they will address it tonight on RAW. Dun Dun Duuuunnnnnnnnnn
  12. He didn't follow Triple H's orders... DUN DUN DUN!
  13. 33 year old but your avatar looks about 12... seems legit.
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  14. daughter maybe?
  15. MMA jerkoff.

    And probably vanilla midget who masturbates to his brother's girlfriend.

  16. Who cares guys, she'd get rafted whoever it is.
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  17. Rafted? I am unfamiliar with that particular term
  18. Wrestling is 10000% real. What is staged is the story line. Get in a ring and wrestle a 20 minute match and tell me it don't hurt.
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  19. He's make her impersonate a fireman on his pole.
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  20. People are fake too.
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