Rumor WWE might be looking at another loss

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  1. Rumor: Cesaro Leaving WWE Before End of 2016 - Wrestling Rumors
    Rumor: Cesaro Leaving WWE Before End of 2016

    To sum it up, Cesaro is rumored to be frustrated with his position in the company and might be bouncing soon just like Cody Rhodes and Alberto del Rio. He hasn't signed and new deal and WWE obviously has nothing for him or isn't interested in him enough.

    :testify:Fuck man... I think this is true. He's in a freaking Best of 7 series with Sheamus... for what? A US title match? I would just split too.
  2. Yeah they like to waste alot of potential it seems. Like I get that they need everyone to do their part, but he hasn't really been given much from what I've seen. Hope it's just a rumour but I doubt it is.
  3. Not suprised if this true in fact I'm more suprised this wasn't a thing earlier. Why WWE dicks around with talents like Cesaro makes abolutely no sense. He'd probably better off in the indies anyway, especially now with the WWE on his résumé.
  4. I'm not exactly surprised. They have been twindling him around for 2 years with nothing to do, and what he does get usually ends via injury or a lack of depth (i.e Heyman guy and team with Kidd). He has a good look, and a great talent overall. He is extremely strong, which is yet another tally. I enjoy his matches, and you could see a lot of passion radiating off of him, but I don't blame him for wanting to leave. He's a modern day Steve Williams, and it's pretty sad.

    When he first debuted, he was immediatly booked like a new star. He won the United States Championship, early and had a strong win-streak, but I'm sure he got his first loss at Santino Marella's hands. Since then, he's turned everything he was given into gold. And I respect that about him. He's very much similar to Damien Sandow, in that aspect.

    But through all the best work, he's done, I think tag teams are his strong suit. His teams with Chris Hero, Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd always brought out a lot of personality and talent from Cesaro. If WWE thinks he's a failed project, they should get him back into the Tag team division.

    I hope Cesaro stays, though.
  5. I honestly think any other promotion would snap him up in a heart beat. I say good for him if he does decide to leave and gets to go somewhere that he can actually be appreciated by his employers. For years now, WWE has been taking him for granted. He has been one of their most consistent and able performers. If I was he, I wouldn't want to spend my life on the verge of being at the top, to just constantly get screwed around with by a company that apparently has no faith in him.

    Cesaro is such a talented wrestler. He has consistently had the support of the fans. He has been on the verge of what has seemed like a big push over and over, only to be buried each time. It's idiotic.

    I would be fine with him going just about anywhere because I think he would get to put on the amazing matches that we would like to see against some of the greatest performers who are not in the WWE.
  6. Reeeeally, damn. I mean I can't say I'm totally surprised but it did throw me off guard a little. I know WWE hasn't totally been capitalizing on his talent but he has quite a fanbase and it's not like he's left off TV every week. He could definitely shine anywhere else but I just hope it's not TNA.
  7. Honestly I like Cesaro but I don't ever see him as being a top guy. He would not be an exciting WWE/Universal Champion. Maybe give him a US/IC title run, he deserves that.
  8. Him and Ryback should be a team on the indies, that'd be great.
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  9. @Majour might be disappointed to hear this. :okay: I'd have to break the news to the best friend, who also thinks Cesaro is a hunk.
  10. This is how I have had it explained to me, and I am willing to buy this explanation.

    Vince establishes a perception of every talent on the roster very early on in their run. And once he has that perception of you, it is going to be a gargantuan task to change it. He's a lot like a kid who gets a bunch of new toys. Once he gets bored, he throws them on the pile.
  11. Shame he came in 2 years too early. Maybe Claudio Castagnoli coming in with the Devitt/Steen/Kenta crew would have had a different result.

    As is it absolutely sucks. There's 3 midcard dudes on the roster who seem to really inspire non-fans to "get it". Crews, Neville, and Cesaro, who can do such spectacular stuff in the ring that people who never watched this "fake shit" before seem to really be convinced by these guys doing what they do.

    My panties are much less bunched over this due to the "Rumor" tag. Thanks, Shaddix! We may dodge a bullet here. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  12. Crews? Really? Isn't he pretty much considered a flop?
  13. Not surprised and honestly, I can't blame him.

    He's been wasted for so freakin' long. Shame, as he's extraordinary talent.

    Fuck you, Vince.

    If he does leave, hope he goes to ROH/NJPW.
  14. That's a good way of looking at it.
  15. I would be disappointed to an extent, but they've never really utilised him that well (until they teamed him with Kidd).
    If he went back to the indies for whatever is left of his career, I'd be good.
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  16. Him and Hero being as tight as they are means he would pop up in all the right indies fairly quickly. Not to mention the European scene would LOVE him back out there
  17. I know wasted talent and WWE go hand in hand but Cesaro is just about the weirdest case of not being pushed I've ever seen. He is pretty damn near to an all around perfect talent, having everything for both Vince and the fans need in order to be pushed as a certified Main Eventer.

    1. Extremely over.
    2. Fan interactive and over moveset.
    3. Lovable character and personality both in and outside of the ring.
    4. Renowned for his constant professionalism.
    5. Fantastic diverse look/physique in which he can switch between menacing and friendly very quickly.
    6. Safe as they come despite being able to create the illusion of wrestling being real very well and even make it look brutal (the hoss matches with Sheamus come to mind here).
    7. Actually quite enjoyable on the mic and humorous despite struggling to speak english but could be very easily controlled if someone decent wrote his promos.
    8. I think I need to emphasise this, the guy is the most over I've ever seen a guy who constantly loses and doesn't have a comedy jobber gimmick, like that's a feat in it's own regard.

    Oh well, I guess Vince just slept on him. If he leaves then dear god I hope he goes to New Japan because not only will he have tremendous matches, he will also hopefully bring over more of the USA and UK fan demographic.
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  18. He's a non mainly English speaking foreigner. Vince was always going to be iffy on pushing him for that alone.

    I kinda hope he stays out of New Japan at least to start with. Because the way New Japan works now means he would be in the Bullet Club. Which is no bueno.
    But New Japan is the only place to make the big money now in Japan. Maybe they could send him down to NOAH I guess to try and save it. But I doubt it
  19. He could be CHAOS with Ospreay.
  20. NJPW needs to fuck off with factions, especially with Bullet Club.
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