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Should Starrcade ever make a return?

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  1. Last year was the 30th anniversary of Starrcade (WCW's WrestleMania Equal) and even thou i speculated a Starrcade return for the "epic" TLC match Between Super Cena and Randy Orton it didn't happen. TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs, originally spawned off of a series of great matches between the innovators of modern ladder matches, Edge, Christians (E&C) Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy (Hardyz, Hardy Boyz) and Bubba Ray Dudley, Devon Dudley (Dudleyz, Dudley Boyz) was a failure when WWE was in a phase of making PPVs based on matches (09-10) the TLC PPV was plagued with a useless Chairs Match concept and basically just bad design overall. Sure it has sold well but it will always be a joke compared to Battlegorund a PPV with a promising future.

    Now back to Starrcade, This PPV held lots of major monumental matches, Sting vs Hogan, Savage vs Flair II, Hogan vs Piper, Nash vs Goldberg and many others. If John Cena vs Randy Orton in a TLC match at Starrcade XXX for the WWE and World Heavyweight Title, now that would have sold to alot of older fans as well as newer fans.
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    And no, Starrcade should not return. They have Wrestlemania, Starrcade isn't needed.
  3. I don't really understand - are you saying WWE should rename the December PPV to Starrcade but keep the TLC gimmick? Seems pointless.

    Btw, why do you think Battleground has a promising future?
  4. Starrcade isn't needed, nor should it be brought back in my opinion. No reason to bring back the former WCW Wrestlemania like Pay-Per-View, because WWE has Wrestlemania. Sure it could be booked big, but it would never reach the same status as it was with WCW since WWE already has a huge Pay-Per-View, Wrestlemania. Starrcade had great matches in the past, but it was also with a company who's biggest Pay-Per-View was Starrcade, that's why it was booked the way it was, again. Since WWE has Wrestlemania, Starrcade won't get booked as big as it did with WCW.
  5. I'm a bit confused now, you voted for no even though you suggested it?
  6. I think Starrcade should have been brought back but with a TLC match, and Battleground is inaugural and it has a better buy rate than the debut of Over The Limit and Fatal 4-way i ordered it and it wass good
  7. it was accident
  8. Ah lol okay thought I misread the OP for a second. I still stand by my statement though.
  9. As far as missed PPV ideas I don't see why they scrapped the KOTR. It was an honor that so many top guys had won.. from Harley Race, Ted Dibiase, Bret Hart, Owen Hart to Stone Cold, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar.

    It was unique and didn't feel like every other PPV out there.
  10. Also, why would they scrap all of the 98-99 PPVs, i mean replace some but Backlash, Judgment Day, Armageddon, Unforgiven and No Way Out were classics, Backlash had a theme, Backlash means to a ripple effect, and it was right after WrestleMania Armageddon was just rip off from Judgment Day but with a cooler name
  11. Night of Champions is the new Starrcade.
  12. KOTR should replace MITB at this point, considering how little MITB benefits the winners of it nowadays..
  13. MITB is one of the few PPVs that actually affects WWE. It's probably the 4th most significant/important show.
  14. Yeah, thats the problem.

    Tell me that Ziggler, Sandow etc. really have benefited from it, they win then job for half a year and randomly win the title with their characters no better off than before they won it.

    Bryan didn't start to have much happen for him until a month after he cashed in..
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