WWE moments on your birthday?

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  1. Do you have any good moments from any show on your birthday form any year? Mine's June 2nd so last year I had Seth Rollin's heel turn.
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  2. This is off the top of my head... Edge retained his WWE Championship over Cena at SummerSlam 2006 (August 20th) and DX defeated Vinnie & Shane-O Mac.
    Nothing else comes to mind right now.
  3. The only one that comes to mind is Judgement Day 2007 - May 20th
    John Cena vs The Great Khali, The reason is was a big moment for me because it was when Khali was a monster and I was a Big Cena fan. (Let me off guys I was only 9)

  4. Nothing better happened on October 1st.

  5. I was so Happy when Lita won on my Birthday
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  6. There's never been a WWE or WCW or TNA show on my birthday so I have no moments to speak of.
  7. I highly doubt that.

    Royal Rumble 2005, 2011
  8. I wish I knew my birthday so I could tell you.. sadly I lost track of it some years ago.
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  9. There has never been a WWE, WCW, or TNA show on Christmas Day.
  10. Tribute to the Troops 2006
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  11. Well, my birthday is May 23, so most of the moments are pretty bad. They're also bad for one of my favorite wrestlers, Jeff Jarrett, who lost one of his best friends and his wife on that day

    Not wrestling related, but the final episode of the worst sitcom of all time, Full House, was on my 19th birthday. I always considered that a present.
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  12. I would've rated it a dislike but I'll calm my rage. #FullHouse2016
  13. I think RAW itself debuted on my bday all those years ago IIRC..........
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    It was just an attempt to lighten the mood after mentioning Owen Hart and Jill Jarrett died on my birthday. Full House just got mentioned because it was a show that happened to also end on my birthday. I would have felt bad posting about two people dying and leaving it at that.
  15. I know I share the same birthdate as the greatest man of all time, Ron "Farooq" Simmons.
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  16. The fallout of the shield breaking up was on my b-day. Besides that, not sure of anything else.

  17. Can't forget about this one!

  18. I'm not sure. Mine is March 25th so it's always really close to Wrestlemania but amusingly never the exact date.
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