Money in the Bank WWE Money In The Bank 2013 Live Discussion Thread

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    Where?: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA.​
    When?: UK: LIVE, 1AM July 15th on Sky Sports 3 HD.​
    USA: LIVE: 8E/5P July 14th on Pay Per View.​
    John Cena Vs Mark Henry For The WWE Championship
    Dolph Ziggler Vs Alberto Del Rio For The World Heavyweight Championship
    Money In The Bank All Stars
    Smackdown MITB Ladder Match
    The Miz Vs Curtis Axel For The Intercontinental Championship
    Kaitlyn Vs AJ Lee For The Divas Championship
    Ryback Vs Chris Jericho
    The Shield Vs The Uso's For The Tag Team Championships

  2. It's alright, I was just wondering as I planned to record MITB on sunday, ready to watch for tuesday....Fucking Mondays.
  3. Roman is a beautiful man (no homo)
  4. Dont lie, You meant full homo
  5. Surely the tag team title match being on the pre-show is a joke? I mean, The Shield with the tag team titles against a team being a little more built up gets thrown on the pre-show while the filler IC Title match gets on the PPV?
  6. How did Miz get a match anyway? Didnt he lose his rematch at Payback?
  7. Awesome, us UK people can watch for free, thanks Sky, (actually fuck you for your ridiculous prices, monopoly on football, and terrible customer service).
  8. Prices aint bad mate, US people pay like 60 bucks for PPV we pay 15. Customer service is better than Virgin Media believe me.
  9. My favorite PPV continues to have a great card each year. Looking forward to this.

  10. With the prices thing I'm referring to the subscription fees and so on. I don't know what scheme they're doing with the PPV price but you're right, they're decent. Oh and they pay no tax :mad1-61:
  11. I'm So Hyped for RVD'S Comeback.....Get him to win MITB, have him face Cena or maybe even Bryan at Wrestlemania!
  12. Can tell you now RVD won't be winning MITB. He's back to show off and do cool stuff (not that I mind it's gonna be a sick match up). Maybe even put some younger guys over such as Bryan etc.

    The only people I legit see winning this match is Punk or Bryan. Although I'd like to see Orton win and turn him heel to go against Cena (Yes i know, AGAIN)
  13. Can someone sticky this please?
  14. We get these PPVs free! =))

    (Before. –_– we get them free but late or live but paid now. –_–)
  15. Good old stream will do me fine.
  16. First PPV I've been excited for in a while.

    I actually worked my work schedule around so I could work in the morning and see this live. Ziggler NEEDS to win his belt back.
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  17. It's 55 bucks to watch itin HD or 45 to watch it in SD. At least thoseare the prizes for AT&T U-Verse
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