Money in the Bank WWE Money in the Bank 2018 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jun 17, 2018.

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  2. One last time...
  3. Unpredictable as fuck

  4. Hopefully for Styles/Nakamura...

    I'm so sick of this feud it's nuts
  5. What if they have an amazing match? You wouldn't say no to a rematch tbf. Unless you don't want Nakamura is champ which is fair
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  6. For me, it's really hard to say if they're going to have Nia keep the belt here

    I mean she's obviously fucking horrendous & you would think they wouldn't want to stretch out Rousey's quest for the Title until SummerSlam or longer just because what's the point?

    IMO just give her the belt & book her a really cool match against a tough competitor at SS rather than have everybody sit through Nia's awful promos any longer.

    BUT I can see WWE wanting to have Nia beat her to give some legitimacy to the women & wrestlers after Punk just made them all look like pussies. (Love Punk BTW, but it's true) So that it makes Nia a believable monster that she can beat this crazy, tough girl UFC fighter.

    That would be the dumbest fucking move IMO because it would completely kill Rousey's ora of coming in as a badass threat to all of the women if they are on the other hand contradicting it by saying "meh, she's not that tough, we can beat her"

    ...That would just kill everything to me as far as she goes, and I can see WWE doing it because they're fucking dumb and Nia is The Rock's cousin & they don't want to insult her by cutting her Title run short but instead have her keep it until SummerSlam where we get to see the rematch between them & have Rousey possibly win there instead & build up a rivalry between them. I can really see WWE doing that.

    So having trouble predicting that one
  7. I mean obviously... we would all be down for an amazing match. But to me I'm tired of waiting for it from Nakamura. Jim Cornette made a good point on his podcast the other day that Nakamura probably just took a WWE deal for a lighter not so "strong style" in his late years

    I'm not saying that's 100% true... just saying I'm tired of waiting for him to live up to the hype. They already had an amazing match in NJPW, I'll just watch that one. Move AJ on already.

    But no, I definitely do not want to see Nakamura as champion right now unless he drastically changes. They try to make him over because of a fucking theme song... it's annoying, I mean yeah it's a good song we get it. The guy on the violin is great but Shinsuke didn't write the fucking song so why do I care? I wanna see HIM be interesting... stop calling him the artist. He's not Michael Jackson
  8. I think Summerslam is the perfect place for Ronda to win the title. People moan it's too soon for her to win at MITB and Summerslam is one of the biggest shows of the year. It also gives them time to tell a good story. The build to Nia vs Ronda has been horrific.

    Nia has a terrible character. Unless they make her a legit monster just give up on her. Ronda needs someone who is just as tough and badass to face. Nia just needs to be booked like that. I don't really understand what they are doing with Nia tbh. There isn't anyone on else to go up against Ronda as a credible threat on Raw.

    I think there is a 0% percent chance of happening. So I don't think you have to worry about that.

    Natalya is also a major component in this match as well. If she wins the MITB before the Ronda match then she will get involved....maybe

    I think the his new heel character is that he is a dickhead and has resulted in heel tactics and mind games. Cuz he is too old and not good enough to beat AJ clean. I think Nakamura has been really good at being a dick and doing mind games (with the low blows, pretending not to speak english, the pen and other shit). The theme song is just the presentation of the character not his actual character. The song is not a big deal for me other then it is annoying and stops people from singing along. It's not the sole bases of his character.
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  9. That's a good point... It wouldn't be so bad to see Ronda win & then Natalya immediately cracking her over the head from behind & pinning her because it's not a legitimate or fair win so it doesn't really take away & it sets up a great SummerSlam match for Natalya Vs Ronda

    But then again... that's exactly what I would do & WWE usually does the opposite. I would love Ronda to win at SS as well & I think that's the perfect way to do it.

    I definitely enjoy him more as a heel... and the song! I get the presentation just like everybody else's presentation... I just feel like they focus too much on his song being the reason to like the guy. Also I wish HE would step it up in the ring a bit, he can... and he's not too old yet. Just a bit. Still don't think it's a good time to give him the belt from AJ though but who knows, maybe it will be an awesome match.
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  10. Yh can see that happening. Or Natalya can pin Jax during the match after Ronda destroys Jax. That will keep Ronda unpinned. I also really hate short title reigns lol. I just don't think Natalya can be trusted to be part of a big storyline feud.

    I dunno, I think WWE would be interested in doing that tbf.

    Do they, I just see it as his entrance theme. I mean one of the best as a babyface.

    I think AJ and Nakamura are under so much pressure to perform. Which is good. Nakamura NEEDS to have a good match with AJ. I hope he does. If he doesn't then I think it's the end of his main event run.
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  11. That works just as good if not better actually... just thought a case shot to Ronda's head with some blood would give her reason to be scary & furious

    As do I, I think they're ridiculous. In this case though, since they already booked themselves into a corner with it as usual... I would rather have Natalya have a short reign then for Nia to have a longer reign lol[/QUOTE]

    fuckin hope so lol

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    Yh either way Ronda would be pissed off. Natalya picking up Ronda's scraps like a scavenger instead of stepping up against her. Make her look like a big coward, kinda like hitting the dislike rating on this site lol.

    AJ has to wear a cup. That would be a good spot during the match. The whole story is how Nakamura is cool, calm and clever. Meanwhile AJ is too emotional and allows people to get under his skin. On paper this is a really good story but it just hasn't resonated with the audience at all.
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  13. Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson - Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall
    Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn - Booby Lashley - Pinfall
    Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass - Dbry submission
    Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal - Reigns pinfall
    Nia Jax (c) vs Ronda Rousey - Ronda Submission
    Carmella (c) vs Asuka - Carmella
    Seth Rollins (c) vs Elias - Seth by DQ
    AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Styles
    Women's Money in the Bank Winner - Natalya
    Men's Money in the Bank Winner - FINN BALOR - I don't want this to happen, just have a feeling

    Bonus Questions
    How many titles will change hands? 1
    +2 points for the correct answer!
    How long will the MEN'S Money in the Bank match last?
    Will there be any surprise returns or debuts?
  14. That's the case with all ppv's. No debuts or returns are surprising thanks to the internet.
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