Money in the Bank WWE Money In The Bank Predictions

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DT-bomb123, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    commentary video featuring "The voice of BombCentralGaming"



    Remember while some of these, may not happen.
    It's a prediction so you know,just saying
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  2. :jericho:
  3. you need update SD match :haha:
  4. Added in description dive spot covers sin cara in a way
  5. New match added
  6. You should apply for partner with Machinima or TGN.
  7. Cena gona win boss
  8. Love these predictions. I do hope Jericho wins instead of Cena, but it seems Cena will win
  9. Jericho simply isn't winning. If he does then I'll mark so hard.
  10. Jericho need win! it not matter that he leave soon cause contract for 1 year!!
  11. I will mark right with ya

    Me and Crayo's reaction to Jericho winning MITB:
    Show Spoiler

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  12. Cena will win MITB. :downer:
  13. Be fun if y2j did, but just how he said. He has'nt won WWE Belt in a year.
    It just made me :facepalm1:
  14. I'd also love it if Jericho won it, but I'm not sure he's staying with WWE long term. And Cena winning makes sense storyline wise.
  15. John Cena's gonna win...

    it's already been confirmed by the fact that he's John Cena.
  16. Kane needs to win!!!
  17. Shame they don't tripe team him, so he can't win........
    But there just big fanboys of cena lol
  18. Wrong section.
  19. Really only 5 matches official on the card?
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