WWE MOTYC 2013 thread

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  1. I couldn't find a thread for this in the search function so I figured I'd make one.

    Basically you will mention and discuss match of the year contenders from WWE for the year of 2013. Then by the end of the year we can see which match was the most popular.

    I'll bring up Ohno vs Regal from this weeks episode of NXT. That match was amazing, technical, vicious, told a good story and both men put each other over. Plus it had one of the most visual and gruesome spots in WWE in a while.
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  2. Not sure what to pick aside from Cena vs Punk on their last match on Raw, when they went all out and Punk used the piledriver and Cena used the powerbomb and huricanrana. I thought it was a pretty good match, the top face of the company going against the top heel for a shot at the most prestige title of all of WWE. One wanted redemption, the other wanted power. It was between two who had a deep history with each other, and two that brought out the best in one another.
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  3. I think Punk/Taker from Mania goes without saying.

    Also Rock/Punk at the Rumble was a very good match.
  4. Punk and Cena on RAW.
  5. EC was way better IMO
  6. I haven't watched Wrestlemania yet, but Cena/Punk on Raw easily takes it for me. The fact that so many people in the WWE went to Twitter or Facebook and talked about how great the match was kind of supports that. And it wasn't just because it was a Raw match whereas WM is the big event where everyone is expected to bring their A-game because people have bragged about matches at Wrestlemania before on Twatter and/or Fuckbook.
  7. Definitely ^

    Cena/Punk has my vote. I even put it ahead of Punk/Taker.
  8. I think it's too early to have nominees . God knows if we are having a Punk/Bryan feud at November and we all :fap: :fap:
  9. Punk/Cena on RAW ATM. Will probably change if we get Y2J/DZ or DB/DZ WHC match.
  10. I say the Cena/Punk RAW match. It helps that I was there live, the match and crowd were awesome.
  11. Ohno and Regal was very good, but it doesn't really strike me as MOTYC worthy... :hmm: but I can't think of much better so guess it has to be haha.

    The first Bryan/Ziggler match was fantastic.
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  12. For me Regal/Ohno is a candidate, yes. Cena/Punk and Punk/Taker were great as well.
  13. There's been a real lack of great matches so far this year to be honest. Bryan/Jericho/Ziggler have barely had any long matches this year compared to last. Hopefully that's gonna change soon.

    But yeah, four that stand out are:

    1. Cena/Punk (By a mile)
    2. Taker/Punk
    3. Ohno/Regal (if it counts)
    4. Punk/Jericho
  14. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't count. NXT is a WWE product afterall.
  15. Hey someone should sticky this, seriously. And make another thread in the Other Wrestling section too.
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  16. I actually contemplated doing so. Good idea, I'm gonna do it now, some other Dicktader might overrule once they're on though.
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  17. Although I loved Regal/Ohno it'll probably be forgotten later on, yeah. But still, perfect storytelling, great spot with Regal breaking Ohno's fingers and the reversal before the finish was epic.
  18. Cena/Punk on Raw by far. None of the other matches suggested in this thread (and I've seen all of them) even come remotely close for me (in fact, I don't even rate the other suggested matches highly [for the most part, I do rate them favorably though]). I loved that match.
  19. I'm gonna have to say Cena/Punk aswell, I mean it was a Cena match I found exciting and even though it was sort of predictable. Working with Punk really does bring out the best in Cena and the Piledriver/Hurricarana was a great way to finish it.
  20. Someone just reminded me of the Shield match at Elim Chamber. I'll go with that.
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