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    Sippin codeine am I the only one here who does this?
  2. How about you just play Guess who? Or Connect 4?
  3. How about none? Wrestling moves aren't exactly something you just do. It takes years of training to do safely.

    By all means look at getting training if you want to be wrestlers. But please don't just go about trying moves without knowing how to do them.
  4. How about we test these move on you? Outside on the cement?
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  5. Mature response
  6. K. Come to my address and we will do it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. You can't really expect a mature response from a 12 year old. lol
  8. Children, control yourselves. That shit's too dangerous for y'all.
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  9. Don't do these moves, save it for the video games.

    If you want to role-play as a wrestler, we have an e-fed here (where you do the promos as your wrestlers in a battle for who has the best promo) or 2k leagues (where you do promos as your CAW and compete in matches in a fake wrestling promotion). Just whatever you do, don't injure yourselves!

    - Sincerely, a concerned person on the internet.


  10. Stop that play wrestling only leads to bad things, injury, breaking of furniture, awkward boners...don't do it to yourself. I implore you...

  11. Not even close to 12, your jokes aren't funny at all. I know as a fact you wouldn't say this to me in person without getting smacked up.
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  12. ...You said it was you and your friends in that video. You are one underdeveloped 26 year old.
  13. Your mom is one underdeveloped ho, keep talking your safe on here
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  14. So you're 8? That's even worse
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  16. Damn dude, you got me.
  17. Well. This was an eventful thread
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