WWE Movies you didn't hate?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. For me, Legendary was good. It gets a bit of criticism from John Cena haters, but mainly because it's him. As a film, I feel it's not bad at all.
  2. It was produced under the WWE studios banner so I think it counts The Condemned with Stone Cold. It's a basic premise but the execution was good imo.
  3. Never seen it, Jonathon mentioned it last night I think or Sky (Xanth) did. Might YouTube the trailer. Any film with WWE Studios counts basically :emoji_slight_smile:.
  4. It's actually not bad seeing Austin and Vinnie Jones square off was a site I never thought I'd see before lol.
  5. As an Englishman I should like Vinnie Jones, but after seeing him in Celeb Big Brother I started hating him lmao.
  6. Yeah I mentioned The Condemned. I like it :-) simply because of SCSA.
  7. Still need to look at the trailer. I'm lazy.

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  8. Knucklehead wasn't too bad tbh. I've seen worse
  9. Never watched any.
  10. The only one I've seen is The Condemned and it was awesome mainly because of Austin. With someone else in the lead role, it would haven't been quite as enjoyable.
  11. Condemmed and Legendary were good.
  12. Legendary was good. If Dead Man Down counts as a WWE film, I enjoyed it too.
  13. Legendary and the 12 Rounds series were good. I hated the Marine franchise.
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  14. I saw 12 rounds and that was okay, Marine was boring.
  15. I've seen the Reunion, Chaperone, and Legendary, I liked Legendary alot.
  16. Jesus this is an old thread. The 77th thread on WWEF. Awesome.
  17. The Marine franchise was indeed horrible.

    I liked Legendary a lot. I like movies where the victim overcomes the bully for some reason.
  18. That one horror movie with Kane. It wasn't horrible.