News WWE Moving Forward With Plans For Rusev vs Cena At WM 31?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 14, 2015.

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    - No, no and no. Don't do it. Cena's the last guy who should conquer Rusev.
  2. lol if they do this
  3. Rusev should go away lol. Boring ass fuck
  4. Yes, because why make a new star at WM when you can feed the guy to Cena and bury him? Seems legit.
  5. Dude you are fucking nuts if you think going over Rusev is making anyone a star. Rusev ain't shit. He will be an afterthought by WM 32, I guarantee it.
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  6. I mean, whoever ends up beating Rusev will be adored by the fans. That can't be a bad thing, right?
    Now that I think of it, if let's say Rusev lost to Cena, Rusev would kinda get the rub, b/c Cena would be like the first relevant person he faced.

    Of course, going over Rusev wouldn't be anything like going over Lesnar, but still... It's gotta be something for young, developing stars.
  7. Of course Rusev losing to Cena is still a rub for him. It would be the first time he has been involved in anything high profile.
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  8. True.

    So, who should they feed Rusev to (besides Cena)?

    Bryan comes to mind, but he's already a developed star, I mean I wouldn't mind it... But still, it should be someone who isn't really that much credible.

    Reigns is a possibility, if they decide not to roll with him as the RR winner. And they've been doing Rusev vs Reigns a lot at live events, so they might end up doing it after all. But we'll see.

    Ambrose is another one, if they don't do Rollins vs Ambrose at Mania. But Ambrose doesn't really strike me as the guy who'd stand up for America, guess they'd have to bring in something new for the two, a new storyline.

    Ryback could also be the one. But, I guess they'll just have that match at the Rumble and which is likely to end in a DQ, and then have another one at Fast Lane where Ryback jobs.
  9. I'd feed him to Ziggler and then ship him back to NXT.
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  10. Unless he gets a generic squash match at WM, beating Rusev is the perfect spot for Roman Reigns if they want to make him a star. There's surely still enough life in Roman Reigns that he'll be given the star treatment by the crowd as he goes over the undefeated Russian, as opposed to Rusev turning into the biggest babyface on Planet Earth if he goes against Cena.
  11. Ziggler? We'd love that and we love the cat, but the 'E don't.

    Rusev isn't actually bad in the ring or anything, I just don't like the 'LOL, boo me. I hate America.' gimmick. So, if he was gonna get shipped back to NXT, they'd just need to repackage him a bit.
  12. They definitely have the chance with Ryback being the guy to conquer the undefeated Russian crusher. But, they'll just blow it, I know it.

    As far as Reigns or DZ or anyone but Cena for that matter goes, I'm all up for it.
  13. I'd love to see a future for Rusev after this ends, but I can't imagine a way that it happens. Shame.
  14. My guess for Rusev's future after his undefeated streak ends would be... He'll be jobbing probably, before getting released, eventually.

    Unless they decide to repackage him and give him a manager, seeing as how he doesn't have any good mic skills. They could give him Heyman, but we all know how well that's worked out for Ryback, Axel and Cesaro.
  15. WWE is coming around on Ziggler.

    Rusev isn't "bad" he just doesn't do it for me. I'd rather watch Brodus Clay
  16. Honestly I see an angsty Mania crowd burying that match completely. The build would be the drizzling shits. The match wouldn't be far behind. The outcome would be telegraphed. Just no. Reigns deserves better.
  17. From your mouth to God's ears, man. Ziggler truly deserves to be treated well.
  18. When Heyman actually tries to get the guy over, it works. WIth Cesaro he was trolling the audience with the "Mike Lient" stuff, with Rybaxel he was busy with the feud with Punk. Heyman didn't actually try to get those three over.

    We shall see. The buildup really depends - as you say - with the material they give Reigns. If they keep sabotaging him with this then the crowd will have none of it. He'll have a much better match with Rusev than he will Brock, and I don't really see a better option for the guy.
  19. Why would you take Lana out of the picture? She will be the one keeping his head from going underwater after his enevitable first loss and run towards unemployment. Heyman was shit on hard when Ryback came to him and the way it was played out was pretty played out. Axel was/is on life support still, and Cesaro is just positioned wrong. Cesaro could be a great Heyman guy, but it was how it was done that hurt him. Hell his deal now being "autoheel" is just hated by fans, who refuse to boo him.

    Rusev vs Cena could be great, especially if Rusev could go over Cena at Fast Lane without an outside source before losing at WM, that would be a sweet rub for him still. How WWE handles it (with the Cena winning the belt announcement) is yet to be seen.

    Ambrose over Rusev would be dogshit, so would Bryan. They should just stick with Cena, or let Ryback have his big win. I'm still confident it's Ryback taking the wind out of Rusev's sails, and I like that.
  20. Uhhhh, highly debatable.
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