WWE named in lawsuit after women dies in 2008

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  2. Lawsuit to suck on money.

    Every doctor warns patients with asthma not to go near fireworks. Gunpowder is a big trigger for asthma attacks. WWE will have a hard time defending if her patient chart shows that she didn't know that she was asthmatic.
  3. I think someone would know if they had asthma (especially that bad of asthma), even if they didn't get themselves checked out.
  4. Fireworks and pyro is apart of WWE shows and has been for years. I fail to see how WWE should feel direct responsibility for her death. If she was asthmatic, she should have known not to go near things that might trigger an attack. Sue the doctor or whoever if he failed to tell you not to go near fire works (I don't know that this is the case, just going by what Scarlette wrote above.) If she didn't know she was asthmatic, which I doubt, then there's no way you can blame anyone else for triggering an asthma attack when you were ignorant to being asthmatic yourself.

    And why are they only suing now?
  5. Gunpowder has a higher probability of triggering asthma attack unlike regular dust or allergic reactions. Gunpowder is finer.

    Good point, why now?

    And KLockard23, you CAN sue the doctor, but it's harder to defend. Or maybe the woman isn't having general checkups regularly, which will mean that she didn't know she was asthmatic.

    Besides, asthma isn't really THAT detectable. You need to experience the symptoms first before knowing if you have asthma or not. Also, there are different kinds. One is the allergy-type, the other is the basic one. The allergy-type is that you get asthma because you're allergic to something. The other one is triggered by dust and/or too much stress.

    Maybe she wanted Edge to win that much? XD
  6. Going to a WWE show and not expecting pyro? :pity:
    The lawsuit will fail on that reason alone.
  7. Hard not to get sued in this country these days.
  8. Suing you for slander of this country

  9. Dude I paid my rent yesterday and... good luck getting anything from my broke ass lmao
  10. Taking your username and avatar.
  11. tell this bitch "shit happens." That is the only answer. They are going to find she had heart problems before her white trash ass went to SS. Fuck her.
  12. Pretty sad story to say the least. But she should have known she has severe Asthma before going to the show, especially when almost every show WWE has pyro and I'm sure they probably warn you about those stuff.
  13. If she did know, then it's her fault. Everybody knows that WWE uses pyros. If she didn't know, well nobody should be blamed within WWE. It's not their fault, they're doing what they can to make the show look entertaining. It's sad that she died, and I'm sure her family is heavily effected by it, but they can't sit there and blame WWE for doing WWE stuff.
  14. Now I'm not sure but I've been a few shows and gigs where they used pyro. They gave pre warning before the show as an announcement similar to the warning posters they use about flashing lights. So despite it being a tragedy which would break my heart if it was me. I don't think they can sue for it. Scouring round the net it seems that there is a warning on the ticket.
  15. Damn. That fucking sucks for the lady.

    But yeah, I don't see how this is WWE's fault...
  16. I believe they have warnings for people with breathing/respiratory problems. Being angry/upset is understandable but blaming someone else for a death that was not their fault seems unlawful.
  17. they are blaming the WWE when they knew that WWE's PPV's uses Pyro they knew the Warnings. They Usually announce the warnings before they take place. so they can't sue
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