Payback WWE names June PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. I like the name. Should be put after mania in my opinion to utilize it fully but it works after any pay per view really.

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  2. Payback!!!! Interesting!
    Well for some reason, I see Ryback winning the title there, just because of name similarities. lol
  3. Not a fan. We'll probably just see random revenge matches resulting in similar outcomes. Just a PPV to use for ending feuds.
  4. Cool name. Don't expect the feuds for the PPV to be all centered around actual payback, though (though most pro rassling feuds are in some way.). Unless it's a gimmick PPV (Royal Rumble, Money In The Bank, Hell In A Cell, etc.), the names of PPVs are just cool sounding names, they otherwise mean nothing.
  5. Could just be the focus for the Main Event. Someone wants payback for something, who the hell knows who'll be the WHC by then. Or Cena will want payback for a beat down received.
  6. Payback...Backlash.....GO WITH A NAME WE KNOW!
  7. WWE Ryback?
  8. That's a bad thing? It's something that's been missing for a long time IMO, I prefer feuds to not be randomly dropped and raised.
  9. Does this PPV replace OTL??
  10. Re: RE: WWE names June PPV

    This is exactly what i thought when i read it.

    Seems like a bunch of crap based around rematches. I'll pass on that trash.

    ~ Three Said That ~
  11. Definitely one of the lamest and least original PPV names that WWE have conceived in the past few years. I don't particularly mind a lack of originality, or even if it just sounds lame, but the combination of the two kills me. Then again, judging a PPV on it's name is a relatively shallow thing to do so I won't outright condemn it but even a good card won't change my opinion of the name. It may just be me but it just sounds so juvenile to me when put into the context of wrestling. Which isn't true for the name Backlash, which basically conveys the same intent as Payback but meh.

    Also the thought of wrestlers trying to cram the name of the PPV into their promos is terrifying. I have a feeling will get tons of people either outright saying or just alluding to the phrase "Payback is a bitch!" Ugh.
  12. lol @ the hate. I'm with seabs on this. This is the kind of PPV that is needed. To settle scores and end feuds.
  13. No harm there, sounds a bit generic but that isn't necessarily bad. And it's not a gimmick PPV which are normally complained about, so.
  14. The concept of this one should be if you don't like the PPV WWE will pay you back for it :otunga:
  15. Why "lol @ the hate" like it's grossly unreasonable? I'm confused.
  16. You are talking to Mr Peaches and Rainbows himself. Any criticism seems like "hate" compared to his things are so great posts.
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  17. Poor grammar, but I'm assuming you're on your phone. :harvey:
  18. I am by no means Mr. Peaches and Rainbows. I criticize WWE, TNA and any other promotion equally (You should see me go at TNA's payment method for lowe card talent). I just find the kind of criticism I see against this particular subject funny and thus I busted out the "lol @ the hate".
  19. Fuck you man. And ofc I am
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