WWE Names New Head Writer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. A former soap opera writer who has been in the job for "months" is now the head writer of the biggest pro wrestling company in the world. Nothing can go wrong.
  2. :facepalm: Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of RAW
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  3. Hey, they're just doing what they can do... it's not like they have Jim Ross or Paul Heyman under contract...

    Oh, wait.
  4. Does it really matter as long as Vince is overshadowing the entire system? It's like complaining about about new general in a dictatorship.
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  5. Seabs has a good point, but a soap opera writer has became the head-writer of the biggest wrestling company in the world is a complete joke.

    Get it? A complete joke. :otunga:
  6. Meh, we all knew it was going to be some TV guy not related to wrestling and it won't really matter much I suppose since I think Vince does most of the writing (for Raw at least). But it's still funny that a soap opera folk is WWE's head writer.
  7. I think people over exaggerate Vince's input here. No doubt he has the last say and has probably said no to great stories and yes to the crap stories, but at the end of the day it's the writers (and predominantly the head writer) who hands him the ideas. If they were pitching fantastic ideas consistently, then even with Vince's crappy input they would still be decent stories. I have a hard time believing a head writer gives Vince gold and he turns it into a Natalya farting gimmick.

    So I would hold the head writer position in quite high regard.
  8. Annnnnnnnnnd we'll see more crying and love scenes. That's nice. ; - ;
  9. Soon as I saw daytime emmy my stomach turned. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but daytime television sucks, but I'm willing to give this guy a shot.
  10. The WWE is technically a soap opera as it is with some of their storylines so I'm not too surprised by this lol
  11. Just Wikipedia'ed the guy, apparently he was head writer of "As the World Turns" when it was cancelled, drew the lowest rating for "Guiding Light" ever,.. but he also made GL darker, more controversial, and got 2 Daytime Emmy's (for what that's worth)

    Part of me says wait and see, part of me says he definitely doesn't understand wrestling, but mostly I wonder why the dying brand of pro wrestling is trusting it's future to rejects from another dying brand of entertainment.
  12. Well least he has knowledge of episodic writing so storylines wont just disappear like the Rhodes Scholars phantom breakup.
  13. Not like this will make the product any worse....
  14. :pity2:
  15. I disagree tbh, lol dirtsheet reports often hint at Vince re-writing scripts hours before Raw now if that's the case it doesn't matter how great you are as a writer you can't make something great in that time, we don't need Heyman's creativity although it would be a bonus we need his willingness to stand up and argue with Vince, someone with the balls to tell him to shut the fuck up and let them get on with their jobs would be a bigger improvement than any creative dream team.
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