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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Use this thread to live discuss the 24/7 Scheduled Programming of the WWE Network. Every day myself or someone else will post the schedule for the day. Show up whenever. Leave whenever. Use this for live discussions on NXT and Main Event etc and others like PPVs or old shows being shown on the schedule.​

  2. Just curious if anyone gets the live feel that you get when watching on TV. The best way to describe it I guess is a glossy finish vs matted finish. I have upgraded everything but my modem. Before I do that I wonder if it's even a possibility. The picture is good don't get wrong but it doesn't quite have that live look that WWE Raw and Smackdown have when watched on USA or SciFi.
  3. I've had constant issues with it up until last night. I actually fell asleep to it and it didn't lag once.

    ps4 and xbox 360 apps are still trash and lag every 5 mins.
  4. It wont let me download the app at all. Still using the laptop version.
  5. The laptop wont allow me to play full screen. Little help? Anyone?
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