WWE Network Exclusive: Island Mayhem

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  1. WWE Network Exclusive: Island Mayhem


    For the first time in WWE history, we broadcast from beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii where 60,000+ are expected to jam pack the Aloha Stadium, overlooking the world famous Waikiki Beach, where much of our personnel will be staying


    And our schedule is as followed.

    Tuesday, June 21st, 2016: WWE personnel arrive in Honolulu, are free to do as they wish, hang out on Waikiki Beach, hike Diamond Head, shop, shave ice, etc.

    Wednesday and Thursday, June 22nd and 23rd, 2016: Most WWE personnel will sightsee all around the great island of Oahu, doing things such as snorkeling, going to Pearl Harbor, Valley of the Temples, going to the North Shore, learning to surf, and shark diving with North Shore Shark Adventures. WWE cameras will follow and all activities will be shown as extras on the DVD release. Other WWE personnel such as stage building crew, ring set up crew, etc. will go to the stadium will spend that time setting up for the show

    Friday, June 24th, 2016: There will be an Axxess type event at the Ala Moana Convention Center, where Superstars such as John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Paige, and Daniel Bryan will be doing signings, photo ops and Q&A panels, etc.

    Saturday, June 25th, 2016: WWE: Island Mayhem takes place

    - The New Day vs Prime Time Players vs The Dudleys vs a surprise team (The Hardys) in a TLC Match

    - Cesaro vs Chris Jericho

    - 30 Diva Polynesian-themed Battle Royal (Bayley, Sasha Banks, Paige, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae, Emma, Dana Brooke, Sara Lee, Amanda Saccomanno, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, Alexa Bliss, Eva Marie, Natalya, Cameron, Carmella, Kana, Billie Kay, surprise entrant Audrey Marie, surprise entrant Eve Torres, surprise entrant Mickie James, Nia Jax, Jasmin, Blue Pants, surprise entrant Taryn Terrell, and surprise entrant Trish Stratus)

    - Cosmic Wasteland, Fandango and Heath Slater vs "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar, with his advocate Paul Heyman

    - Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan

    - Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

    - Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton

    - Dolph Ziggler and Neville vs Sheamus and Rusev

    - Dean Ambrose, The Usos and Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman)

    and the main event

    - Samoa Joe vs John Cena

    Event coverage coming soon
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  2. Sounds really good.

  3. *event intro followed by pyro*

    Michael Cole: It is a historic afternoon, as we welcome you to WWE: Island Mayhem. You are looking at the sold out Aloha Stadium overlooking the world famous Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, here in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, and we are broadcasting here for the very first time. I'm Michael Cole, alongside my broadcast colleagues Byron Saxton and JBL, and what a night of action we have in store for you, all LIVE on the WWE Network.

    Byron: I'm looking forward to it, Michael. We've got the Tag titles up for grabs in a TLC match featuring The New Day, the Divas title defended in a battle royal, and also in action tonight, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, John Cena, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Rusev, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, and others.

    JBL: What a scene here at the Aloha Stadium, 60,000+ jam packed and ready to go tonight. Also in action tonight is The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar!!

    Byron: Oh man, I am looking forward to that. Brock has been looking more dominant than ever since his return two weeks ago on Raw, and whoever steps in the ring with him tonight, lord have mercy on their soul.

    Michael Cole: Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Heyman later on tonight, with that said, let's head to ringside.

    *Big E's voice comes on*


    Eden: Ladies and gentlemen, your opening contest is a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championship!!!! Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Xavier Woods, they are your WWE Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and Big E, THE NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: The New Day, with Xavier Woods and the trombone. And what a challenge they have here this afternoon, defending their titles against three other teams, one team, we don't know who it is.

    *some New Day sucks chants begin*

    Eden: They're opponents, first, at a combined weight of 509 pounds, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, the Prime..Time..PLAYERS!!!!!

    Michael Cole: The Prime Time Players, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil, looking to regain the Tag titles here today, and boy, do they have their work cut out for them.

    JBL: Yes they do. Ladder matches, especially TLC matches are known to be very chaotic, trust me, I've been in ladder matches. Very hard matches to win. The key to winning these matches is to avoid getting thrown off ladders, going through them and tables as much as possible.

    *millions of dollars, millions of dollars, millions of dollars, millions of dollars*

    Eden: From Dudleyville, accompanied to the ring by Velvet Sky, at a combined weight of 565 pounds, Bubba Ray and D-Von, THE DUDLEY BOYZ!!!!!

    Michael Cole: Well, that's the three teams we know will be in this match, who's team number 4?

    Byron: We are just about to find out. I'm ready

    *crowd pops*

    Michael Cole: OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! IT CAN'T BE! IS IT? IS IT?

    Eden: And from Cameron, North Carolina, at a combined weight of 451 pounds, welcome back to WWE, Matt and Jeff, THE HARDYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: IT. IT. IT IS!!!! And look at the reaction of The New Day, Prime Time Players and The Dudleys, they can't believe what they're seeing, and neither can I


    Byron: I can't believe what I'm seeing!!!!!! Matt and Jeff Hardy, back home in WWE. We haven't seen them here in almost seven years now

    The match goes on for a time of 23:36. Filled with numerous crowd thrilling spots, people smashing through tables, Jeff leg dropping Big E off the top of a ladder through another ladder, Xavier going through two tables at ringside, Kofi climbing the ladder and walking on them like stilts, with the winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day.

    JBL: WOW!!!!!!!! WHAT A MATCH! The New Day, STILL the Tag Team champions after a brutal TLC match. I've been in them, but nothing like what we just witnessed.

    Michael Cole: An incredible match to kick off our very first ever broadcast in the beautiful state of Hawaii. The New Day. STILL the WWE Tag Team Champions

    Byron Saxton: Both the Prime Time Players and Dudleys came close on numerous occasions to win this one, The Hardys also had a close call, but in the end, The New Day. Still your Tag Team champions

    Michael Cole: And up next, ladies and gentlemen, is Cesaro going one on one with Y2J, Chris.... Jericho.

    *this shall be continued as I have yet to write the match*

  4. Eden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Lucerne, Switzerland, weighing in at 232 pounds, CESARO!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: Cesaro, a tremendous athlete from Switzerland, has found much success here in WWE, and one of the strongest men in WWE today, a former United States Champion and a former Tag Team champion, with his partner being Tyson Kidd, and won the very first Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, picking up and slamming the Big Show out of the ring.

    JBL: Yes, those were all great accomplishments, but you have to wonder how he will fare right now against Chris Jericho here today.

    Eden: His opponent, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds, Y2J, CHRIS...JERICHO!!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: Chris Jericho, a 25 year veteran in sports entertainment, the very first Undisputed Champion, and a sure to be Hall of Fame inductee someday. Since coming to the WWE from WCW in 1999, he has accomplished so much here in WWE. A six time world champion, a nine time Intercontinental champion, and seven time tag team champion.
    And he's headed to the ring to face off with Cesaro.

    JBL: I can't wait to see this. Both of these men are very skilled on the mat and can pull moves that high flyers regularly do, and who better to face off with Cesaro than Jericho.

    Right from the bell, Cesaro and Jericho tie up and are going back and forth on the mat, which immediately after getting up, Cesaro jumps Jericho from behind, but Jericho chops him down to take back the advantage. After a few more chops, Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho. It’s too early, though, so he has to settle for catapulting Chavo over the ropes. Rolling Germans sets up for Cesaro going to the top rope, but Jericho catches Cesaro going up and crotches him. Jericho gets a superplex for a double KO spot. Jericho takes a hard bump into the corner, and Cesaro works the ribs. Cesaro slows it down with a camel clutch and chokes Jericho on the ropes. Cesaro avoids the Walls of Jericho and gives Jericho a pair of backdrop suplexes. He ties Jericho in the tree-of-woe and charges for a dropkick, but Jericho hoists himself up, and Cesaro crotches himself on the post. Cesaro then gets Jericho out of the corners and tries the Neutralizer, but Jericho reverses and hits the Codebreaker ONE, TWO, TH-Cesaro gets his foot on the ropes. Jericho slaps on the Walls, with Cesaro getting to the ropes, forcing Jericho to break the hold. Jericho then goes for the Codebreaker again, Cesaro counters and hits the Cesaro Swing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Jericho then gets up and Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer. He hits it. ONE, TWO, THREE. Bell rings at 18:37

    Eden: Here is your winner, CESARO!

    JBL: Another great match here today in beautiful Hawaii, very competitive and both competitors gave it their all, with Cesaro coming out victorious

    Michael Cole: Indeed, an incredible Ladder Match and now a very competitive contest between Cesaro and Chris Jericho, and up next is a Divas Battle Royal.

    *writing for the Diva Battle Royal coming soon*
  5. *bell rings and much of the ring is filled*

    Eden: This next match is a Polynesian Over The Top Rope Diva Battle Royal, where there are no pinfalls, no submissions, no countouts and no disqualifications. When you are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor, you are eliminated. The last remaining Diva in the ring when all of the others have been eliminated, will be declared the winner.

    Eden: From San Jose, California, BAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eden: From Boston, Massachusetts, she is the self proclaimed Boss on the Divas division, SASHA BANKS!!!!!!

    Eden: From Norwich, England, PAIGE!!!!!!!!

    Eden: From Richmond, Virginia, MICKIE JAMES!!!!!!!

    Eden: From Scottsdale, Arizona, Nikki and Brie, THE BELLA TWINS!!!!!!

    Eden: From New Orleans, Louisiana, TARYN TERRELL!!!!!

    Eden: From Denver, Colorado, EVE TORRES!!!!!

    Eden: And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, WWE Hall of Famer, TRISH STRATUS!!!!!!!

    The bell rings, and everyone immediately targets Nia Jax, Nia fights back with superkicks, dumping Cameron, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox to the outside, thus are eliminated. And the elimination order then goes Summer Rae, Emma, Dana Brooke, Sara Lee, then Amanda is eliminated as well. Eve dropkicks Nia Jax into the ropes and everyone works together to eliminate her, she goes over the rope, hits the floor, eliminated. Eve and Sasha then are getting into it, but it's eventually broken up by Emma and Dana Brooke, Emma eliminates Sasha, to the displeasure of the crowd, Eve then clotheslines Emma and Brooke out and to the outside, eliminating them. Next out is Becky Lynch, then goes Nikki, then Brie immediately after. Then a few minutes later, over goes Natalya, Carmella, Kana, Billie Kay, Audrey Marie, and Blue Pants. Paige gets into it with all the old timers, Eve, Taryn, Mickie, Trish. Sasha then comes back to eliminate Paige, which upsets the crowd, and they brawl at ringside, having to be broken up by numerous officials. Bayley hits a barrage of Bayley to bellies, eliminates Taryn, then a bit later, Eve is eliminated. Then goes Alexa Bliss and Jasmin.

    We are down to two. Bayley and Trish Stratus. Bayley and Trish immediately tie up and switch around on the mat a lot. Trish whips Bayley into the corner, hits her famous Hurricanrana, and pushes Bayley towards the ropes. Bayley counters and Trish hits her Stratusfaction. Trish pushes Bayley over again, and hits a Bayley to belly, picks her up again, another Bayley to belly, and then another. Bayley then manages to eliminate Trish.

    Eden: Here is your winner, BAYLEY!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: What a battle royal, it was great to see some former WWE Divas such as Mickie James, Eve Torres, Taryn Terrell, and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, who was in the final two with Bayley, who got the win, surviving 29 other Divas.

    JBL: Yes indeed. Bayley is one of the most talented Divas we have on our roster right now and she knew she had to win tonight and she does.

    Michael Cole: Indeed, Bayley knew this was her place to win. And now Bayley celebrates with fans. Up next is The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and JBL say a few prayers for The Ascension, Stardust, Fandango and Heath Slater. And that match will be written soon*
  6. *a Brock Lesnar promo plays*

    Eden: This is a 5 on 1 Handicap match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Konnor and Viktor, The Ascension, Stardust, Fandango and Heath Slater!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Cole: These five men right now have had success here in WWE, but have found themselves to be struggling for the last while now, and now, these five men are clearly walking to their doom

    JBL and Byron Saxton: Lord have mercy on these five individuals

    *crowd pops*

    Eden: Their opponent, accompanied to the ring by his advocate Paul Heyman, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 286 pounds, BROCK LESNAR!!!!!!!!!!

    *bell rings*

    The chase is on for a few seconds but the inevitable beating quickly begins. Fandango tries to go for a cross body and Brock catches him, goes for a suplex and Fandango lands on his feet, which annoys Brock. He flips out of another German and goes after the knee for as much effect as it’s going to have. Both members of The Ascension try to get away by climbing to the top, but Lesnar runs towards them and German Suplexes them. Fandango then gets his with his first German though, along with Slater and Stardust, with the fans chanting Suplex City. They all get an additional 10 suplexes. While Lesnar is distracted with Slater, Stardust climbs to the top, and goes for a crossbody, Lesnar catches him, and, climbs the ropes while Stardust is on his shoulders, and hits an F5 from the top. Ascension tries to gang up on Lesnar immediately after, but Lesnar sends them to the corner and lifts them both up for a Fireman's Carry. Double F5. Then one to Fandango. Slater gets picked up for an F5, and Slater counters it, and you can tell that pissed Lesnar off. Slater tries to run away, Lesnar catches him and applies the Kimura Lock. Heyman is yelling for Lesnar to break his arm. Slater taps, and as Slater is tapping, Lesnar bends Slater's arm back, most likely breaking his arm. The ref calls for the bell.

    Byron: Did he just break his arm?

    Michael Cole: He may well have

    Eden: Here is your winner, by submission, BROCK LESNAR!!!!!!!!!

    JBL: Oh my god.. Absolute destruction this late afternoon by the one and only Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar!!!!!!!!

    *Lesnar then piles the bodies on each other*

    Byron: Brock Lesnar is back, looks better than ever and is more dangerous than he has ever been. I bet you all the superstars in the locker room were watching that match and are mixed with awe and fear.

    JBL: Brock Lesnar, absolutely dominant in this match, hitting an F5 on Stardust from the top rope, even hitting a double F5 on both members of The Ascension. Fandango then got hit with an F5. Slater countered an F5, and Lesnar was absolutely furious. Slater tries to run away, but got caught in Lesnar's Kimura Lock and he now may have a broken arm. Wow.

    Michael Cole: I am in awe. Lesnar just dismantled five men at once, and normally guys would be down and out of it five on one, but Lesnar not once got caught in a five on one situation. Absolute destruction this evening by Brock Lesnar.

    *to be continued*
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