WWE Network is failing big time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 8, 2014.

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  1. http://www.businessinsider.com/wwe-network-makes-new-push-for-subscribers-2014-7


    The bad news for the company started in April, when it announced the WWE Network had only 667,000 subscribers after telling investors the service could have as many as 2 million subscribers by the end of the year.

    The following month, it released an adjusted business outlook that said the network would lose the company $50 million this year if subscription rates did not increase. That news, combined with a disappointing new TV rights contract, caused company stock to crash so badly that CEO and chairman Vince McMahon lost a third of his fortune in one day.
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  2. Only one thing can save the company now.... ATTITUDE ERA!!1!
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  3. Hopefully they are still offering the free week come Battleground time in what like a week and a half, I will definitely sign up for that.

    The "good" thing is they said the budget cuts they've been doing are actually working, we'll see if that same statement occurs when they have to release 4-5 more superstars/workers..

    667k subscribers to me seemed like the realistic number that they should've expected when coming up with the idea, especially in the first year.. Tbh there's few things they could do help it out.. 50% off one item at the WWE Shop for every 6 month subscription.. Maybe a free PPV poster from one of the PPVs through the 6 months the person is subscribed to.. Basically the ideas involve merchandise :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Will be interesting to see if a bunch of people unsubscribe when the 6 months is up. Would be crazy if the number went even lower and investors got even more antsy.
  5. Hey man! It's been a while.

    Anyways, yeah... It's very possible that the numbers can drastically decrease. But, they lost a third of their fortune, ouch.
  6. Well I'm sure things will get better once they expand the service worldwide. They need to speed that process up.
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  7. Can definitely see this as a possible scenario.. hopefully it'll be okay..

    This is true,
    I can see at least a 200k-400k bump from the world wide subscriptions.


    Do you guys think if they had better Network exclusive programs; similar to 'Legend's House' that they may do better business? Personally I think so.. Would love to see a Real World type show with some current superstars, with Miz's experience on that show they could use him as a partial creative consultant. I think Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Swagger, Fandango, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose could make a pretty funny cast.. ofc I think they should do it with a majority of the time being them without the gimmicks.

    I'm trying to actually form a game show idea to submit to them, I feel like that could be a decent draw, Game shows are a decent draw and not just for America but game shows exist in NUMEROUS countries.

    Idk maybe I'm spouting off bullshit but in my mind it sounds good lol, although I am a VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY small part of this 7 billion person world.
  8. I really see no reason why the Network shouldn't be a success. You can't ask for a better deal than being offered every PPV in history (past and present) along with a bunch of other extra content for only $120 a year.

    It's strange that the WWE has approximately 4 million people in America who watch Raw every week and close to the same number of people who have subscribed to WWE's Youtube channel (although that number accounts for the entire global fan base), yet not even 1/4 of that has any interest in giving the Network a shot. The number of subscribers will certainly go up once it's made available overseas, but still, I'm surprised it isn't already at least in the 2-3 million range. For some reason though, the majority of the fans who watch the WWE product on television have never cared to purchase the PPVs, and it seems that an easy deal for only $120 a year isn't enough to get them to care enough to watch them either.

    I seriously doubt it. I know producing more Reality TV-like content is tapping into a certain demographic, but if everything the Network already offers you isn't enough to wet your appetite, then I doubt another Reality series (or a game show) would be either.
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  9. The major selling point of the Network is the monthly PPVs. Let's be honest, no one is going to sign up for Legends House, Countdown, documentaries, etc, which can all be found elsewhere. Right now people are thinking well they produce 1 good PPV every so often so I'll save my $60 and just buy it on PPV when it comes around (eg: WM, SS, RR, etc). So what I don't understand is why WWE are not trying to make every PPV unmissable, making people think they might as well buy the Network because they want to watch the PPV every month. The last two PPVs, Payback and MITB, have been average B shows that won't encourage people to subscribe to anything. BattleGround looks like it will be on the same lines. Produce strong PPVs each month and people will sign up long-term NQAT.

    Lesnar is supposed to be working both Summerslam and Night of Champions because that's when the first 6-month subs expire. And they're apparently saving Hunter vs. Reigns for NoC for the same reason, so renewals might do OK.
  10. They could always do if you buy a year you get $20 off.. so $100 straight up for the year, I'm sure people would be interested in that kind of offer.
  11. I always thought the Network was a bad idea, just had that feeling from the start. So if it gets shut down, oh well... Good riddance.
    Kudos to Vince who keeps on losing money.
  12. Could it be because WWE isn't all that great?
  13. From the last time I watched it, I was disappointed that they didn't have all of the episodes from the Attitude Era catalogued right away. I'd be binge watching them if they had. I'm sure more people would purchase it too if they did (for all the fans that miss the good old days or newer fans that want to see what had happened).
  14. Most likely they're going to raise/lower prices by a couple $ and then extend the subscription commitment and offer it in other countries. I suspect they could have 750,000 - 800,000 by January 2015.
  15. Well, they deserve it. I'll let you know that Cena as champion isn't a good hook to get butthurt smarks like me who would pirate your product anyway to buy your Network, WWE. You can get your boring irrelevant midcard and stale main event scene and go screw yourselves with Wyatt doing jobs _|_
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  16. So you're saying you won't watch Cena v Lesnar @ Summerslam?
  17. I'm thinkin about it. Since Cena's probably going to job this time around I guess I'd give it a go, because honestly, Cena matches are fine and vs Lesnar it'll likely be a battle.
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  18. Negative Leo C? :shock:

    That Neymar injury must really have affected you. :happy:
  19. I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I hope that worthless piece of *** dies so I never have to see his face ever again. :dawg:
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  20. As crazy as it sounds, it's probably good for their business to not have much of the AE stuff on there. You think you're gonna watch Wrestlemania X-7 then go back to watch 2014 Raw? Hell no! :lol1:

    I'm all for them offering different pricing options. For those of us who don't want to deal with this six-month commitment nonsense, why can't we order a one-month subscription for $15? I'd be down with that. And then as you mentioned, a year for a hundred bucks. :emoji_slight_smile: Maybe even a "lump sum" payment option of the $60 up front. (Preferably the $15 a month, so they HAVE to produce better shows than they have been doing...)

    I got the free trial and have really been enjoying it today. But most of my broke ass IRL friends who, even when they have money, have this really poor mindset and knowing they have the option of not paying anything for the PPV's like they were doing already don't see a reason to start now.... but WWE is seriously doing the best they can with all the classic content, on-demand, great video quality, anywhere access... Really don't know what they can do to reach these folks.

    Thing is, they can't go back to the old PPV model after this. Are you subscribers going to go back to willingly paying $50 a month for all these mediocre ass PPV's? No, you aren't.
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