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  1. First piece of News is that the 6 - Month Commitment has now be dropped.

    And Secondly WWE Network is FREE to new subscribers for the month of November.

  2. Finally coming to the UK, will be sure to take advantage of that free month but will wait until January to actually pay for a month seeing as it'll be Royal Rumble time.
  3. They say they will announce the UK release date on Saturday, The only complication is that Sky has an exclusive contract to broadcast WWE content in the UK.
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  5. We get the free month also? Fuck yes, about time WWE
  6. Wooo 'bout fucking time.
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    "The WWE Network launch in the UK has been delayed indefinitely"

    I'm not even making this up. Got to WWE and the network's twitter accounts.

    "Fuck you Britain" - Vince McMahon
  8. :lol1: Great way to give your fans what they want, WWE.
  9. I would have been more accepting of the delay if they had told us more in advance rather than find out 20 minutes before the launch.
  10. Lol do they even want our money? I can see all these delays turning people away
  11. Wow, i was actually considering getting this to get back into wrestling. Now I remember why i quit watching in the first place.
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  12. This is without doubt an argument with Sky. It has all the traits of Sky. Absolute bellends.
  13. fuck sky, i pay the same as i did with virgin media and get shite wifi, they can get stuffed im no paying £20 a month for sky sports to maybe watching wrestling again
  14. The 6 month commitment thing was something that needed to be dropped IMO, hopefully they see somewhat of an increase in subscribers, excluding the UK for now.
  15. virgin media :lol1:
  16. Shitstorm by the UK fans coming in... 3... 2... 1...

    WWE's trolling level: Master :happy:
  17. Already happened, lad.
  18. I'm too late to the party, eh? :damn:

    In all seriousness, the UK fans should be pissed and rightfully so. Don't pay 'em a bloody dime once they launch it (again), lads.
  19. It can be seen many ways...

    They should see the Network as the "way for the fans to watch PPV's", so the lack of six-month commitment means WWE HAS to get their shit together every month for this to be successful.

    The other side is, how many people are just gonna watch Wrestlemania for 9.99 and not think about it after that? (How many aren't gonna uncheck that box, though? :happy:)

    All I know is is that as someone who signed up the day of Hell in a Cell I definitely feel punished as a fan for actually buying a PPV for once in my life. :cornette:
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