WWE Network Question Regarding "Owned" Properties

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Wacokid27, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. So, if my understanding is correct, WWE owns all rights to WCW, ECW, WCCW, AWA, etc.

    Since all of these promotions had, at one time or another, weekly/semi-weekly television programs, do you think we will get made available the episodes of WCW Nitro, ECW's regular programs on TNN (before it became SpikeTV), etc.? I ask this because they've already made available some old WWE and WCCW televised productions. There's a ton of television footage from the old Jim Crockett days, Championship Wrestling from Florida/Georgia, etc., which ended up being owned by WCW.

    Also, what about making available old episodes of WWECW (some solid matches featuring Angle, Punk, He Who Must Not Be Named, and others), Tough Enough, the first few seasons of NXT (back when it was a kayfabe version of Tough Enough, not a developmental territory), and others?

    1) Do you think this will happen?
    2) Are you interested to see some of these older non-WWE (at the time) shows?

  2. Voldemort was on WWECW? :shock:
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  3. No. The other one. The guy whose name rhymes with "Crispin Wa". You know.

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  4. Okay, a real response.
    1) Do you think this will happen? Yeah, I think they already announced it. The only thing is, I think they're going to do it in fall when it goes global.
    2) Are you interested to see some of these older non-WWE (at the time) shows? I've already seen AWA, NWA on TV and they had stars that went on to WWF/WCW, so I would look forward to it.
  5. I do hope they have Nitro and Thunder from WCW. I'm not familiar with the ECW stuff as much, but I would love to see it as well. Do I think they will appear? It doesn't look like it. It looks like they air re-runs of raw quite often and I've yet to see one Nitro :-( It's all good though, because there is so much content that I'll never be able to watch it all.
  6. 1) Do you think this will happen? Yeps
    2) Are you interested to see some of these older non-WWE (at the time) shows? Of course.. that's the shit I grew up watching.. can't wait to be able to see it again. I've watched a ton of the older PPVs but my 7 day trial ends today and I canceled.. I'll reorder right before Mania.
  7. I don't remember them announcing it, but that doesn't mean anything. I hope they do it before fall as I would like to have the summer to basically sit around in my underwear all day watching old episodes of Nitro and Thunder and I'm going back to the classroom this fall, so I won't have that freedom.

    I know they've already got all of the WCW and ECW PPV's and I've already watched a few of them. Of course, right now, I'm watching Wrestlemania XX.

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