WWE network special March 12 2016

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. Just was wondering if this is going to be a televised event or not? I just caught the last hour of this week's smackdown and saw a commercial for it. Looked it up and everything else just say WWE Live... but this says wwe network special: March to wrestlemania. It's on Saturday March 12. Don't know too many details but it's been about 12 or 13 years since I've been to an untelevised event. Me and a buddy are going to most likely go though, would just like to find out more info on it.
  2. That house show on March 12th is in Toronto, right? Yeah, it'll be a live special airing on the WWE Network.
  3. Awesome thanks!
    We were hoping so. Should be a good time.
  4. Enjoy it, dude.
  5. They announced it first on December 30th at the house show i was at in Toronto.. Apparently the WWE Network is airing a live special at the Ricoh Coliseum.. If i'm not mistaken i think it's the first event from the Ricoh Coliseum they're airing.. They always go to the Air Canada Center for TV dates.
  6. Yeah I did some research and discovered there is an NBA game at the ACC that night at the same time.
  7. Well I purchased my tix today... an ok section. I was hoping for the $85 seats but they seemed to be sold out. So we got the $50 instead. Not the greatest seats, but it should be decent still. If all is true and it's an aired event with the stage and screen and some good opponents and matches I'll be happy. The last (and only) event I've gone to was a house show where there was no stage or screen. It was a very cheap house show in 2002...maybe it was early 2003. Either way it's been a long freakin time!
  8. Anybody else from this website going to the event?

    How many people here do go to events?
    And if you do, how good are the seats on the top level, left side of the stage (beside the stage basically) like should I be able to see all the action and it won seem like I'm so far away? Lol

    No particular reason I'm asking other than just curiosity lol
  9. Brock is rumored to be working this show.
  10. Yeah, Bork's apparently working this show, while Ambrose, KO and a few more ain't.
  11. Seriously? God damn I was hoping to see ambrose and ko the most tbh.
  12. Source
  13. Wow. I kinda regret spending all this money now.
    All my favourites are at the other event.
    That sucks. I wish I didn't see that now lol.
  14. At least you'll get to see Brock Lesnar! :bodallas:
  15. Probably Brock, not even in a good match. Jericho and the new day (boo new day)
    League of nations, social outcasts.

    All sleepers I'll bet.
    Oh well atleast I'll get to see the new Era talent.....
    I got to see all the oldies in 2003 at a house show.
  16. they need to do more and more special "house show" on the network
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  17. Dude, you're gonna see Lesnar wrecking some people live. That alone, plus the glorious New Day would be more than enough reason for me to go watch this show.
  18. Ok the Lesnar part is true. It would be awesome if it was the new day he destroyed.
    I'm sorry I just can not get behind their gig at all....way too....how should I put it, childish.
    With a different gig I could maybe get behind them, but I can't stand how they act.

    As long as Brock cleans house against whoever he's facing, or has a phenomenal match against someone else good, I'll be happy.
  19. You're one of the very few people I know who don't like The New Day. They're so greatly entertaining. But, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    Lesnar already destroyed The New Day at Beast in the East special back in July, so I doubt they'll be crossing paths again in Toronto.

    Oh, and you should prolly expect Lesnar to have a 10 minute long match.
  20. Yeah, I'm going. Would have gotten better seats but my friend wasn't down to pay more so it's w/e. Got the $70 seats.
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