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    "WWE announced that the WWE Network subscriber number as of September 30th is 731,000. That is a horrible number considering that the network is now available in 170 countries including Rogers cable in parts of Canada. That would mean that they only gained 31,000 new subscribers since the last subscriber count. 286,000 people subscribed but 255,000 cancelled.

    The company will be dropping the six month commitment and the price will be $9.99 month to month. They will be offering the month of November for free. That includes Survivor Series."


    Better pull the plug on this crap. :happy:
  2. It's not a horrible number. That's Meltzer talking.

    The network is a long term investment. It needs to be allowed to grow in the long term. It makes them money so why pull the plug on it? That would be losing money.

    WWE has seen a growth of $40 million this year alone.
  3. Well, despite being a long term investment... If it doesn't exceed everyone's expectations, they will be losing money. Hence why they lost 255K subscribers. I'm not wishing an ill will towards the company's budget, I'm just stating the obvious. This thing may be a big time failure. We'll see what happens in the end, though.
  4. They also gained 286k subscribers during this period. And they just changed the subscription plan to the best one possible, 9.99 a month with no commitment. That will get a lot of the doubters on board since they don't have to commit to a six month plan.

    The network is far from a failure, people who claim this either want to see it fail or don't get how much time and money it takes to build something like this. You always lose money before you make it. Hell, Vince practically bankrupted himself making WWE what it is before it took off.
  5. Yeah, I guess you're right, man.

    Like I said, we'll see what happens. If this thing goes as planned, and plus brings back the ones who have unsubscribed (knowing that the subscription plans have been changed now), then it's all gonna be good for Vince's pocket.
  6. Not a good number, especially since they projected getting at least 1 million before the end of the year (and if I recall, they were hoping for that number much earlier in the year as well.) They might reach 1 million subs at some point, but even that could be doubtful.

    I doubt letting people subscribe by the month will end up making much of a difference. Most fans are casual fans who will never care to ever spend any money on the product, which has been evidenced for several years.
  7. I'd say its a good number. 731,000 subscribers by September 30th is nearly 75% of their 'end of year' goal.
    As of September 30th, the WWE Network is about six months old. With the adjustments they are making I wouldn't be shocked to see them reach 750,000 by Dec. 31st.
    I do see a plateau in the very near future, as growth will eventually slow. However, 75% of 1 million by December 31st isn't a failure in my eyes.

    Month to month is a very good idea as are all the adjustments they seem committed to making. I'd hardly call this a failure but more of a huge learning experience.
  8. How is that horrible?

    The WWE Network is doing good considering the amount of content they put out. Also, the average PPV buy rate is far below 1,000,000 so they're technically selling more PPV's than ever before.
  9. But it's not also not making them the money they were before either. It cost $10 to subscribe to the Network, whereas it cost $54.99 and more to purchase the events when they were on PPV. And when people unsubscribe in such large numbers (150,000 earlier this year, and now just recently the number is up to 255,000), I wouldn't get too optimistic.
  10. These things always lose money before they make money. Always. Netflix didn't turn a profit at the start (if it still has?), Spotify took 3 years to turn a profit. Itunes didn't take off for like a year and a half as well.
  11. I've had the network since day one for $9.99 and I can say that I am mostly happy with it. And all I really do is watch PPvs - something I never really did before the network - and the occasional NXT show on it . And I guess I have watched a couple of documentaries on there as well.

    My major complaint is that I can't watch live ediitons of RAW and Smackdown on the Network when they air on cable but I understand why that is the way it is. Still grinds my gears.
  12. In the eyes of shareholders it's a horrible number.
  13. Ouch, some things take time, $9.99 a month is a helluva price, they'll make money eventually, just can't expect it to take off within less than a year IMO.. The illegal streams be killing the business a bit as well.
  14. I know you can't always expect things to take off immediately, but I always had a bad gut feeling this wouldn't turn out to be a success for them anyway in the long run.
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  15. We're not in the long run though. Not sure why your gut feeling got a mention there.
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  16. Because I felt like mentioning it? Not sure I see the issue in mentioning that I've had a gut feeling since the Network was launched that it wouldn't end up being the success that they had hoped it would be.
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  17. Just seems like a look at me moment you know ?
  18. I'm sorry, but... what?

    I was responding to someone's post and made a mention in passing how I figured it wouldn't be successful from the get-go. I fail to see how anyone can interpret that as a grab for attention unless they're just digging for reasons to criticize someone.
  19. Bro it happens repeatedly. You predict everything ha.
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  20. In all honesty, what did WWE think was gonna happen? In what world will half an audience stand up and shove $10 monthly to watch a mediocre product? They have at least 4M viewers weekly and they expect half of that to buy the Network? Start small and work your way up.
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