News WWE Network to add TNA and ROH shows?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 5, 2014.

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    It sounds like it's just an idea at the moment, but the article basically talks about how putting TNA and ROH live shows on the WWEN could help boost the network a little. They are not talking about buying them out completely like WWE did with WCW. Just putting the other federations shows on the network. Essentially making the WWEN to wrestling shows as Amazon is to publishers. I would like it. TBH I'm a little peeved that RAW and Smackdown can't be watched live on the WWE's own fricking network, but I can understand the complexities and advantages to keeping RAW on USA/Sky Sports after all these years.

    Would you guys be more inclined to subscribe to the network if they had live TNA and ROH shows on it as well?
  2. No.
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  3. No, they want something that draws. That would just get hardcore wrestling fans to sign up, and most of them already did.
  4. Because that would totally be doable.

    TNA and ROH are separate entities. Heck, ROH is owned by a company that is richer than the WWE by quite a bit (sinclair broadcasting) and one of Sinclair's main selling points.
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  5. I'd rather they focus on launching it world-wide (last time I checked it out, it was USA-only since launch). :pity:
  6. Yeah, not sure when that will happen but they need to hurry it up.

    The one guy's response I was looking forward to in this thread and he just lambasted me :damn: :okay:
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  7. Not lambasting you darling. The idea itself. I don't see WWE pulling it off. TNA maybe if TNA goes under. But I don't see them buying out ROH from Sinclair.

    A wrestling network would be cool. but there would need to be far more than the three active American big wigs and WCW matches for me to be interested.
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  8. Not that I'm trying to argue it should happen or anything, but I wouldn't think WWE would "buy them out" completely. Couldn't a deal possibly be reached to have the shows on the network without WWE actually owning them? I just imagine that would be a more likable deal on their part anyway. And you're probably right about having only 3 not being enough.
  9. I'd rather they concentrate on putting their own stuff up first. I want to watch any old Raw or Smackdown, not just the recent stuff.
  10. Pride will get in the way.
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