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  1. Not happening? weren't they supposed to launch it in November it's almost December and still no sign of it.

    Vince had a change of heart? But honestly who would have payed to get the WWE network anyhow?

    Cable bills are already expensive and adding new channels is a hassle. WWE and pro wrestling in general isn't as popular as it was in the 80's and 90's. TBH if Vince scratched the idea i'd call him smart.

    Maybe if they made it a free cable channel say like spike or Mtv. He may have a chance but other wise there's no chance in hell the WWE network would work.

    Was anybody looking forward to the WWE network and paying 50 dollars to get it monthly? :hmm:
  2. Doubt it's coming at this point, if it does it'll fail miserably.

    Vince: How many of the fans, which you've mostly pissed off, do you think are willing to pay for extra programming?

  3. Exactly WWE's product has been lackluster for a while now with them just recently starting to pick up some steam.

    Vince would be wise to not launch it at all.
  4. It's apparently becoming a premium subscription thing.
  5. It is coming, they still discuss it at each board meeting. It's just delayed as they didn't know which route to go down - although it's been decided that it will be a subscription channel - and they had a couple other issues iirc. Now they need to fund it, and staff it, and make the content.
  6. I sure as hell am not paying for it.
  7. What can you do on a WWE Network? You can have NXT and Superstars on there, maybe move some of your other shows like Slam or even Smackdown, you can show classic PPV's and matches, you can show Youtube shows and add pre-and-post shows, a few original programs (like Cruiserweights!)... but what else could you do to fill 24 hours a day? They can't fill 3.
  8. WWE Network is as delayed as Chinese Democracy was. In truth he needs the product to continue to build up as it is now and wait a few more months. Releasing is it now is a deadly move since it's not at it's best, and needs to improve in viewership for people will have a reason to buy it, and they NEED to keep the product good or people will stop complaining, recommend others not to buy it, etc.
  9. Yeah, apparently it's not coming anytime soon, which is great if you ask me. They wouldn't be able to fill it. They'd probably just throw in the current shows and fill the rest with classics :haha:
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