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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ironman666, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Read online today that the Network won't be released in the UK til the back end of 2014 possibly 2015....quite a disappointment to be honest
  2. The press release. The network is US exclusive until the end of 2014, when it will be released to the rest of the world.
  3. Haven't seen the press release, I will have to check it out.
  4. Yeah there should be sources all over the internet, just type in 'WWE Network exclusive to United States' in the search bar and you should find a reliable one.
    I agree with the movie kind of, they want to see how it plays out in their biggest market and get reactions/suggestions for it before they start releasing it all over the world.
  5. That sucks was looking forward to watching loads of old WCW and ECW.

    Anyone know if older promotions are on there that WWE own the rights for etc? Apart form ECW an WCW.
  6. So you guys get to hear us Amerifags hype it up and Michael Cole talk up how it's the greatest thing ever for the next year and not even get it? Oh, happy days.
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  7. Meh, could just get a VPN
  8. Yup no doubt there will be at least 10 mentions per RAW like it is with the WWE app.
  9. And call their football- "soccer".

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  10. is itness good to be in the good old USA!?
  11. Apologies to bump an old thread but don't see point of starting a new one when it's a similar topic.

    Anyways my point anyone any idea if the WWEN in the UK is going to be the "over the top" model as in the USA, or a similar deal to the Canadian one via SKY?

    I ask as I know WWE recently struck a new deal with SKY over here so was wondering what sort of network we'd get. As I legit only care about the freedom to watch old PPV's etc... So if that is missing in the UK then I won't bother an will go via the US one.
  12. You literally aren't missing anything. Once you subscribe, you'll immediately wish you had not,
  13. How come?

    Surely with all the old PPV's and RAW, nitros etc... It's worth a few quid?
  14. Put into perspective.
    Would you want to pay $9.99 for old programming that you've watched already? It seems novel at the moment, but picture it for a moment.
    Don't you think this concept would get old very quickly? You could make it through a few handfuls of old shows and realize, "I've seen this f***ing sh*t already".

    Why would I pay $9.99 every month for old and/or sub quality PPV's? It's a scam and its contrived. You have no say so in what you are actually watching.