WWE News: Bill Simmons Buries Triple H

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Now, many of you may be wondering, why does someone who has a national column for ESPN care about Triple H and the WWE?

    Well, it turns out that Grantland.com's Bill Simmons may be a bigger wrestling fan than anyone knew. Apparently during the "Summer of Pun," Simmons had his eyes on WWE TV and was none too pleased about Triple H's interference.

    According to wrestlinginc.com



    he Sports Guy" Bill Simmons, who had CM Punk on his popular podcast last summer, takes aim at Triple H in his latest mailbag column for ESPN affiliated website Grantland.com. When asked if the recent surge of New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin is the NBA's equivalent of CM Punk last summer, he instead sounds off on the self-proclaimed "King of Kings."

    "Does this mean (Knicks star Carmelo Anthony) is going to be Triple H — the egotistical, overrated star who couldn't handle that something good was happening without him, so he interjected himself into the storyline and ended up throwing a wet blanket on all the momentum?" Simmons writes. "I sure hope not."


    I gotta say, it's pretty fun to see sports people comparing players to WWE characters. I truly enjoy both team sports and wrestling, and it's great to hear wrestling references in the mainstream media.

    Trust me, I am sure the WWE feels the same way.

    If I were them I would attempt to set something up and capitalize on this heading into WrestleMania. For instance, have Triple H "invade" his studio and have Simmons in Undertaker's corner to ensure his win over Triple H.


    Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1069104-wwe-news-the-sports-guy-bill-simmons-buries-triple-h-inlatest-column?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=wwe
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  2. Hahahahaha! Big fan of Bill Simmons.

    He had an interview with CM Punk during the Summer of Punk: http://espn.go.com/espnradio/grantland/player?id=6808291
  3. :laugh: what a legend! I so hope :shovel: reads this.
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  4. Yet another stark difference between 'the Shovel' and Vince

    HHH always has to look strong,,,, Vince almost never looks strong coming out of feuds

    HHH gave Batista a bone, I will give him that, but 'the Shovel' would never, ever shave his head on any television

    How can this company progress in a healthy way, when the guy in charge isn't willing to bend his rules a little bit
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  5. Vince is still in charge... HHH has to answer to Vince and the board, but HHH can make any decisions he wants to a certain extent without the boards' permission.
  6. In his promo this past monday, He even revealed that he will get the company BECAUSE HE IS A TOTAL SELLOUT! I respect his ring work but REALLY? God for once think of good business and get yourself out of storylines and be a side note, DAMNIT! Or else I kind of guess this year it was reasonable to have HHH/Taker part 3, even though i hate it.
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  7. Maybe he can drive away enough fans to make TNA competitive.
    (Although that won't happen. The WWE name is too big.)
  8. He's absolutely right about Triple H interfering in the CM Punk storyline last year. I even made a joke to someone when Punk was getting over huge that if Triple H were still here on the show, he's be putting all the air time and attention onto himself.

    Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything.
  9. Triple H is great in-ring, but I agree with you draine, he needs to step out of power... I do enjoy HHH more then Johnny Ace though.
  10. Liked.

    It's basically Vince -> HHH atm. Vince is retiring soon and everything goes to HHH. He'll be the new Vince, he's already ran a few SmackDown episodes recently I think. I'm dreading it. Vince may have turned into a moron at his old age but as said above, he's willing to let others go over him, when perhaps Vince is the best heel of all time.

  11. I can't see Vince retiring tbh. He seems too hands on to do that.

  12. When I say soon I'm talking 2-5 years.

  13. I'm with Seabs

    Paul Heyman was quoted as saying he believed Vince would outlive Shane and Steph.

    Vince wants to stay long enough to bypass both his children and go from there

    Heyman never elaborated further, but you get the gist. McMahon is a health nut
  14. Yeah when the company is under control of the :shovel:, they are going to become the tna of today and TNA will be the WWE in the future.
  15. Not too sure on that. The WWE brand itself is incredibly strong right now.
  16. I don't know... When you look at the regular complaints about TNA they really describe RAW very accurately right now.
  17. TNA will never overtake the WWE, the brand name is too strong now. People tune in to see the WWE, it's the draw.
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  18. Yeah or else when I'm in the WWE and HHH is the vince of that day, Maybe I'll go get in his daughter's pants and then years later I'LL be the Chairman of the WWE.