WWE News: Del Rios Injury

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Source: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1031383-wwe-news-latest-on-alberto-del-rio-his-injury-and-status-for-the-royal-rumble

    Del Rio might come close to winning the RR?
  2. I will hate if he won again. That would ruin the rumble
  3. There have been a handfull of RR multiple winners already. Why not let Del Rio do it 2 years in a row, then lose at Mania?
  4. Because no one in the audience gives 2 fucks about Del Rio. It'd be such a waste. It won't be him.
  5. No, but the IWC absolutely loves Del Rio... And so do I. Del Rio has some gifted talent in the ring.
  6. No the IWC doesn't lmao. Some appreciate his charisma/ring skills, but he isn't over at all. The IWC were moaning to no end about him.
  7. Do you like him Crayo?
  8. I like him as a wrestler, he also has good presence & charisma, but his gimmick sucks, he can't get over and the last thing I want to see is him win something else. We saw him win everything in 2011.
  9. What would it be like if Del Rio went face?
  10. He'd be entertaining in my opinion.
  11. Man a torn groin. That must have hurt big time. I remember getting my lower abdomen torn which ruined my NFL career.

    Wasn't pretty. :cry:
  12. You still have one HELL of a tackle!