Royal Rumble WWE News: Likely 2015 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants

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  1. WWE’s Royal Rumble match is one of the most exciting and sometimes unpredictable matches of the entire year. It’s one of the few matches where the stipulation actually means something to the fans, and it officially kicks off the road to WrestleMania.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, WWE reduced the number of Royal Rumble participants from 40 to 30. According to multiple sources, WWE had originally planned to have multiple former ECW wrestlers make an appearance in the match, since the event is taking place in the home of ECW, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, it looks like WWE either couldn’t come to terms with a lot of the ECW originals, or they just changed their mind.

    There are several former WWE superstars that are being thrown around as potential candidates for a return at the Royal Rumble, and the first of which is Shelton Benjamin. It’s been four years since Benjamin was released by WWE but, according to a report, WWE has recently applied for ownership over the trademark “Shelton Benjamin.” So, that makes it pretty clear that WWE is considering bringing back Benjamin.

    Benjamin was “supposed” to return back at the 2012 Royal Rumble, as there were reports that he and several other former WWE stars were at the site of the event. However, it turned out that Benjamin and the others were there to work an event for a separate company.

    If Benjamin returns in the 2015 Royal Rumble match it likely won’t be just a cameo, as WWE will likely use him as a full-time wrestler.

    Another candidate to return to WWE during the 2015 Royal Rumble match is a guy who returned to WWE during last year’s Royal Rumble match, and that guy is Sheamus. He’s been off of WWE television for several weeks now, and WWE is likely planning to bring him back during the Rumble match.

    Recently, WWE put a stop to all Brock Lesnar-related merchandise, and WWE’s merchandise suppliers were told that anything that was earmarked for Lesnar, now should be done for Sheamus.

    There have been rumblings of WWE turning Sheamus heel when they bring him back. This could freshen up his character, which has been stale for several years now.

    Bully Ray a.k.a Bubba Ray Dudley is another candidate to return in the 2015 Royal Rumble match. He’s been out of WWE for a little under a decade now, and in a recent interview, he expressed his desire to make a return to WWE either by himself, or with his tag-team partner D-Von Dudley.

    Bubba Ray would likely get a huge response from the Philadelphia crowd, as he was one of the aforementioned ECW originals. If he returns, the big question is that will WWE have him return as Bubba Ray Dudley? Or Bully Ray? Chances are he’ll return as Bubba Ray Dudley, as WWE likely doesn’t want to promote a persona that was established in TNA. That’s why they didn’t sign AJ Styles.

    Last but not least, the 2015 Royal Rumble could see the return of one of the most hated men in last year’s Rumble match, Rey Mysterio. Now, in all fairness, the WWE fans were likely booing WWE’s decision to have Rey Mysterio enter the match 30th instead of Daniel Bryan, and not so much at Mysterio himself.

    There have been reports that Mysterio has worked out his issues with WWE and could be signing a new deal soon that would bring him back full-time. Mysterio’s fist contracted date could be at the Royal Rumble on January 25 in Philadelphia, where he’ll hopefully get a better response than he did last year when the Rumble was just Pittsburgh, just 305 miles away from Philadelphia.

  2. They'll probably pull "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan out of the woodwork for another Rumble appearance as well.

    I usually hate it when they rely on him so often for nostalgia appearances, but I would actually appreciate it this time around since he would be fed to Rusev to get Rusev some decent heat from the crowd. Have Duggan come in and get in a few good chops on him before being thrown out within seconds, and make it the fastest elimination that Hacksaw has ever suffered. Rusev giving Duggan (the first-ever Rumble winner in history) his quickest elimination ever would be a nice little footnote.
  3. Bringing Bubba Ray Dudley back... :yes:
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  4. Rey Mysterio back full time....
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  5. He'll be back 2 weeks, get injured, and be gone again...

    Anyway.. I really like Shelton Benjamin.. technical wrestler with high flying ability.. so much fun to watch. Hopefully he brings Haas with him and gets back into the tag division.. would be fun to see them working together again... same goes for Bubba Ray, after so many years of watching him and D'von on ECW and WWF I just could never get used to his Bully Ray persona and that's why I never liked him in TNA... can't wait to see him back in a WWE ring.. hope it happens and that D'Von tags along.
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  6. Rey Mysterio's knees = a bag of crushed M&M's.
    Of course, if stem cell research is to be believed, he ought to be growing another human body just below his femur.

    FFS, you'd think he'd love his family enough to... I dunno... get off the road. Maybe Dominic really wan't his son?
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  7. BNB will most likely return at the rumble also
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  8. I assume he won't be back at all this time around. Fine by me.
  9. How about Orton?
  10. When did you decide this?
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  11. I'd mark for a Shelton return, I hope it wouldn't just be for the Rumble though, I'd want to see him pretty frequently.. perhaps another US Title run if/when he returns.
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  12. His return is 99% sure of happening, I can bet my $9.99 on it.
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  13. I still think Daniel bryan will Return at the royal rumble
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  14. In my dreams!
  15. Trademarking his name must means they intend to bring him back one time and send him away forever with a severance package.
  16. Here's to hoping, mate.
  17. I was reading something about Shelton Benjamin a while ago and how he's not actually coming back to the WWE, but asked 'em for a permission to use that particular name.

    I could be wrong, though.
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  18. I do enjoy Rumble cameos. Bully I guess would be alright, but I don't see any of these happening.
  19. I guess dreams do come true :emoji_slight_smile:
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  20. Haha, lol! Glad it happens. :yes:
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