WWE No Longer Working With Independent Wrestler (Harold) After He Tweets Gay Slur

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 8, 2012.

  2. Well that finally explains where he went. Sad to see him go because those segments were awesome. Good find Crayo
  3. Not Harold!!! :why:

    God damn faggots :mad:
  4. Harold had quite a few marks on here :((.
  5. Harold's to good for the WWE. He would have been the longest reigning WWE champion ever, so it's their loss. Faggots. :boss:
  6. Wonder in which way he meant "faggot"? :Hmm:
  7. Lol. Fuck this PC crap.
  8. He was tweeting to Crayo on Twitter and when he saw a picture of Crayo he couldn't help but blurt that out :nope:
  9. HAHA! HAROLD = :boss:
  10. Screw them. Was waiting for a Harold return :finger:
  11. Ok im not for it. But WWE are so quick to distance themselves from certain things surely ppl failing the wellness policy is more of a concern?

    Also we can insult a guys heart attack on tv yet this is unacceptable? Am i missing something?

    I know they are trying to set an example but as i state is failure of the wellness policy not worse as surely the three strikes rule is a poor example to kids on how tolerant companies will be to drugs.
  12. They need to bring back Harold on TV damn it!!!!:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  13. Fuck you Proph.
  14. Guilty as charged :sad1: