WWE No Way Out Update

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 25, 2012.

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  2. If this match still has Big Show in it I don't want to hear about it. :upset:
  3. Well, that means Laurinaitis will still be somehow involved in the feud with Cena... and there's Big Show involved. :sad:
  4. Can't you hear the money pouring in from this?


    Me neither.
  5. Another filler feud until TripleH/Lesnar and Lesnar/Bryan. :burns:
  6. me either.. plus, i dont wanna watch it as well :upset:
  7. I'm really bored of seeing Cena in the main event even though he's not even champion. If he's gonna continue to be put at the top of the card, then just give him the belt back because it won't make any difference any way, except that the WWE Title will cease to start looking so unimportant by being constantly in the undercard.

    In other words, no. I am not looking forward to Cena/Big Show. I'm also curious why it's apparently surprising that Laurantis will be in Show's corner. I figured that was a natural assumption to make after helping him win at OTL.
  8. Why do they make us sit through that? It's a little bit too much. We'll all see Cena put Big Show on his shoulders again and the announcers hyping it as something new. Then Cena wins clean and gets put in another boring feud, probably.
  9. I don't mind seeing Cena in the main event. Let's be honest, if a big guy returns, we want them to face Cena. Brock/Rock returning and not facing Cena would have been stupid. But I don't like him in the main event when he's against someone who isn't a star. Big Show isn't a draw, he gets zero reactions (got the new heel heat last week), no one cares about him. Why is this the main event when Punk/Bryan steals the show every show?
  10. I agree. It's OK to see Cena main eventing against guys like Brock and Rock, obviously, but not against Big Show. It'll just suck and we know it.
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